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Top 10 questions about NoseSecret Shipping

While we strive to provide a wide variety of options when it comes to shipping we also are limited due to recommendations and restrictions imposed by the credit cards institutions. The most commons questions and answers about shipping  are:

1. What are your shipping rates?

We ship all orders from the United States . Domestic orders over $30.00 ship FREE.

Domestic orders with tracking information:

  • First Class Domestic:  $2.99
  • Priority Mail: $6.00
  • Express Mail overnight (includes Saturday delivery): $19.95

International Orders:

  • First Class Package International $6.99 – No tracking
  • Priority Mail International $24.00 – No Tracking
  • Express Mail International: $48.00- Tracking info. available

For non tracking shipping service we provide Customs ID # of the package so you can check shipping details at the US postal service website. That will be proof of shipping.

2. Which countries does NoseSecret ship to?

Nosesecret ships  to most countries around the world . We ship internationally through the US official postal service USPS.com  However,  restrictions apply for some countries  where  shipping service is not reliable.

3. Who delivers the package in my country?

The US postal service  use  local carriers in your country  to deliver your package . We are not provided with that list  so we  are not able to say which company delivers in your country.

4. Why my order shows status “Awaiting for Fulfillment” ?

Status “Awaiting for Fulfillment” means that the order was paid but has not been shipped yet.

5. How long does it take to ship my order.

Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours from Monday through Friday . We do not ship on Saturdays. Sundays or Holidays.

6. I have placed my order few days ago but still shows status  “Awaiting For Fulfillment”?

While we strive to ship your order the same or next day, some orders required extra time for verification. We strongly recommend that you check your email for any information request from Nosesecret. Order will not be shipped if you do not reply to our email.

7. Which orders need verification?

Due to  financial institutions guidelines, we require that our customers acknowledge the terms and conditions of the shipping service they choose, by replying to our email. Order that need further verification are:

–         Orders with address mismatch.  The shipping and billing address are different. Nosesecret will not ship first time buyers to  addresses different than the billing address for safety reasons. Your reply to our email is needed in order ship to the billing address.

–          International orders  using shipping service  with no tracking   such as First class Parcel and Priority mail international .

–          Paypal orders which shipping  address is different than the   address  on Paypal account. If there is a mismatch the order will be put on hold until we can communicate with you to change or add your new address in your Paypal account.

8.  What should I do to receive my international order as soon as possible?

– Make sure your address is written correctly to avoid delay on delivery. The postal service on your country may have an specific way to write your address.

– If you choose a shipping option that do not provide tracking information such as Priority mail international (US$24.00) or First Class International  (US$6.99) make sure you send us an email at customercare@nosesecret.com  acknowledging that you agree that this service does not provide tracking information. Also check your mail box for our email requesting to confirm your shipping selection.

– Express mail International arrives to most countries within the next 5 to 7 days. This service provides tracking information so it is easier for you track your order.

9. How do I know when you shipped by package if I do not have tracking information?

–          For non-tracking  shipping methods we provide  Customs ID # upon request, later you can visit the US postal service website (www.usps.com ) and search by the number provided to learn about   details on when the postal service in the US received the Package from Nosesecret. Lost packages in the mail is not responsibility of the sender.

–          You can also use a free third party service at www.track-trace.com and search by Customs ID # to learn details of package delivery  in your country.

We do not have any ties with Track-trace nor we are endorsing or we are liable for information on this website. We provide it only as a tool that may help you in your search.

10. Is Nosesecret package discrete?

Yes, our packages are discrete. For domestic packages the name of the company  does not appear on the label so no one can tell what is inside. For international orders we are required by law to describe the item which we do as “cosmetic” but no name of the product is displayed on shipping label.

For more information, please contact NoseSecret at customercare@nosesecret.com

What is AVS?

Have you paid for your online order with credit or debit card and your order is declined?

Some of us have experienced this at some point. There are many reasons why your credit or debit card is declined when placing your order online.

Online stores are taking measures against fraudulent activities online by using a service called Address Verification System or AVS  which serves the purpose of verifying  that the information  the card holder  enters in the billing portion of the order in fact matches the information that the account holder   has registered on his  credit cards records.

For instance you enter  101 Main Street, Cliffside Heights, AZ  10228 as your billing address because this is your work address but the address on your credit card records shows 2040 Valley Street, Cliffside Heights, AZ 10228 which is your home address; your order will be declined due to address mismatch. The same applies  to your zip code if enter incorrectly.

Why  does  my money  show it was charged in  my account?

Once you order is declined, the payment is put on hold by your credit card institution waiting for the merchant to claim the payment. Since the merchant is informed buy the AVS institution that there is a mismatch on the address the merchant will not claim the payment and the money will return to the account holder usually at the end of the day or the next day.

Some international ( outside US) credit cards and debit card institution block addresses  from the Address Verification System so the order can be declined just because the information cannot be verified. You will have to use another method of payment such as Paypal or money order payment.

Keep in mind that merchants are more aware of fraudulent activities and they may request additional information. Make sure you send your information to the right place by emailing merchant directly and not responding the email if you are not sure it is coming from a reliable source.

Credit cards institution strongly advice merchants to send payment to the billing addresses to avoid “unauthorized charge” claim from the card holder and to protect the consumer victim of delinquent transactions.

What to do when paying with credit or debit cards?

So next time your order is declined or before placing your order make sure you follow guidelines that will prevent you shipping  for being delay:

1. Enter your address as it appears on your credit or debit card records

2. Some Merchants will follow the guidelines from the credit or debit cards institution so they will ship your order only to the billing address.  Make sure billing and shipping address are the same

3. If you are buying with a Gift Card. Login to the gift card website and register your address with them first.

4. Declined orders placed with debit card, will hold your money for several hours so try to enter the information correctly.

NoseSecret Shipping terms and conditions


  • At NoseSecret we protect your privacy so all packages shipped inside the US will show  senders name as “NS” in that way the name of the product does not appear on the outside of the package and no one can tell  what is inside.
    However, for international shipping we are obligated by Customs to write senders name  and to describe the content of the package. Content of the package is described as “cosmetic”li>

  • We do our best to accommodate special requests. However, in order to protect consumers and to follow the guidelines of the credit card processors  we require that first time buyers receive their first order at their billing address. We do not ship first time buyers orders to an address different than the billing address. Please, understand that we take this action in case a dispute arise for an unauthorized purchase.
  • When you are placing your order you must check the terms and conditions of the order, please make sure you read the terms and conditions on our shipping and return policy. Specially for international buyers, it is important to understand what type of shipping option is selected
  • International orders are shipped via US Postal Service and delivers in each country by the local postal service in that country. When you choose a shipping service that do not provide tracking information, we provide you with a customs ID number of your package. You will later visit www.usps.com and enter customs ID number to check when did the US Postal Service received the package from NoseSecret and the day that the package left the international center of the US Postal Service. Be aware that non tracking packages are beyond our reach and we can not locate packages once they are outside the US.
  • Express Mail International, provide tracking information so we can locate your package in case it is delay.
  • To avoid delay on shipping or cancellation of your order, keep in mind these basic rules and make sure the address you enter in correct. Check confirmation email  sent from us with details of your order once order is completed to verify address