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Buzzfeed News mentions “Nosesecret”


Buzzfeed News recently mentioned, “Nosesecret” in their latest article about today’s obsession with plastic surgery and celebrities. The article states that due to the popularity of rhinoplasty, it has pushed for cost-effective and quick nose reshaping solutions , which has led to products like Nosesecret. The writer herself also talks about her experience with Nosesecret… to read more click on the following link:  BuzzFeed Nosesecret

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Beware of FAKE and Cheap Imitations like “Nose Up”,”Nose Secret 3D”, “Nose Secreter”, “Nose Shaper” and more!

Here at Nosesecret we take great pride in the quality of our product. Nosesecret is made in the U.S.A. and of health grade approved materials. Since many people have seen and experienced great results with our product other makers have decided to copy Nosesecret. They have succeeded in using our photos and information in selling their cheap imitation of our original Nosesecret. We want everyone to know that purchasing these FAKE products can be dangerous and harmful. Please do NOT get tricked into purchasing these items! Their cheaper prices might be appealing, but it is not worth the risk! You do not know where and how their products are made or even if they are safe to use.

The original and real Nosesecret are ONLY sold at the following places:

1. Our Website: www.Nosesecret.com

2. Our Official Ebay Store: nosesecret

3. Our affiliated Ebay user: Fabtrend

4. Our Poshmark Closet: Nosesecret

5. Our Official Facebook Business: Nosesecret


Making sure you get the Original NoseSecret

When you are looking for the nose lift provided by a non-surgical Nose Job, there are a lot of options! Fillers, makeup, and of course the Original NoseSecret! When you search for information online about non-surgical Nose Jobs, there are pages and pages of information, it can be very daunting to sift through it all to find what you need to improve the appearance of your nose!

I can tell you now that there are many  plastic surgeons offering non-surgical Nose Jobs! There are also many suggesting caution, as it is not necessary the nose lift option that you may be looking for. There are many tutorials on how to apply makeup to make your nose look straighter! Here is one of my favorites!

BUT there is ONLY one NoseSecret! Our success in making the world’s best nose reshaper has unfortunately inspired many sub-par knockoffs. If you want to lift and straighten your nose, then you need the one and only Original NoseSecret.

It takes time and effort to track down and legally fight the fake products out there, so we strive to educate our customer base on how to tell products apart. If you have seen “NoseSecret” for sale on the web and you are not sure if it is the Original, here is what you need to know:

  1.  Nose Secret is manufactured under strict guidelines, and using only approved materials. Safety comes first, and we always use medical grade, sanitary plastic in our nose shapers.  Our unique design was tested for both safety and comfort and we have gone to a lot of trouble to create manuals, guides, and videos to show users how to safely wear Nose Secret.
  2. Our official websites are as follows, and we will confirm if any other vendor is an authorized reseller or not.  We stand behind the safety of our product and provide customer support, but we can only do so for our own product!

NoseSecret is your best chance for instant, effective nose shape enhancement without surgery. There will always be people trying to make a look-alike product, and the latest knockoff nose shapers are being sold all over the web

Here are the photos of real and fake Nose Secret:





 Our Nose Secret kits are stamped with the size on each nose splint.






All orders are shipped from the New York / New Jersey area, and all replies are from that region as well.

Fotosearch_k9869452 (1)Accept no substitutes. If you are not sure contact us. If the seller is fake, you will be helping us weed out the fakes, and if they are real, we will tell you! This is the only way to ensure you are getting real Nose Secret, backed by our safety studies and research and health grade materials.

Does Nose Secret Stretch Your Nose?!

non_surgical_no.06840173909.w640With such a successful nose job alternative as Nose Secret, it was inevitable that rumors would start to fly! The latest via the web is causing people to ask, “Will Nose Secret stretch my nose?!”

So does Nose Secret stretch the nose?

The simple answer: No.

The complex answer: No.

Nose cartilage is similar to ear cartilage. It is extremely resilient and elastic. When people decide to cosmetically stretch parts of their bodies such ear holes, gauges that are too big must be forced in, then when the ear has adapted, a larger set must be used, and so on.  The constant stretching occurs after a rigid oversized object is used  day and night for a long period of time. A flexible well-fitted Nose Secret will not stretch your nose.

By using the correctly fitted size of Nose Secret, your nose is temporarily reshaped without undue stress on the cartilage and skin. Nose Secret will not stretch your nose.  Fit correctly (using our fitting guide and instructions!) and wear as needed – never overnight. If you need any help fitting, just contact us.!

There’s simply not enough pressure on the nose to cause permanent stretching. So, you can wear your Nose Secret and not have to worry about Nose Secret causing your nose to stretch out of shape – all you will see happen is a little slimming and lifting, making your nose seem more shapely when the nose correctors are in place.

There you have it! Nose Secret is a safe, inexpensive solution that is a great alternative to rhinoplasty! …………Did I mention that it won’t stretch your nose?

Which Nose Secret is Right for You?

Getting ready to try Nose Secret for the first time? The sizing for nose reshapers can be confusing at first,  so we’ve decided to post our tips and tricks for getting the perfect fit!

1. Guess your size, then get three options!

Determining what size your nose is means taking a good look in the mirror, then following up with an honest judgement call. Don’t panic – even once you’ve decided, we have a safety net for you. You get to buy a kit that has your best guess of size, PLUS the sizes on either side of your best guess!

Kits come in three size ranges:

  • XS, S, M for small noses
  • S, M, L for average noses
  • M, L, XL for large noses

2. Be scientific if it works better for you than “guesssing”.

The exact measurements of each Nose Secret size is listed at nosesecret.com under “Product Info.” You can actually measure your nose by taking a ruler or tape measure, starting  from the base of the nose, and ending at the tip (See the following image). Choose the Nose Secret size that best fits your measurements.

SDR-ProjectionTip-250x300 Again, the best thing you can do is purchase a kit, as there is more flexibility to find your correct size. The actual measurements covered in each kit include:

  • XS, S, M (.89 in /2.26 cm – 1.10 in / 2.79 cm)
    S, M, L (1.04 in / 2.64 cm – 1.16 in / 2.95 cm)
    M, L, XL  (1.10 in / 2.79 cm – 1.33 in / 3.38 cm)

3. Still unsure?

Afraid you aren’t accurately measuring your nose? You aren’t alone. Some people can have a 1/2 inch nose and measure yourself as one inch! This can really affect the way you look and feel with Nose Secret. You can send us a picture of yourself with the email text: “Unable to determine correct Nose Secret size” in the subject line and we’ll be able to recommend the best kit for you!

One more reason to buy a kit – some people have nostrils that are not identical. In fact, many people do! By having a kit, you can size each nostril comfortably.

We know you will love it, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, you may use our return policy!