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Does Nose Secret Stretch Your Nose?!

non_surgical_no.06840173909.w640With such a successful nose job alternative as Nose Secret, it was inevitable that rumors would start to fly! The latest via the web is causing people to ask, “Will Nose Secret stretch my nose?!”

So does Nose Secret stretch the nose?

The simple answer: No.

The complex answer: No.

Nose cartilage is similar to ear cartilage. It is extremely resilient and elastic. When people decide to cosmetically stretch parts of their bodies such ear holes, gauges that are too big must be forced in, then when the ear has adapted, a larger set must be used, and so on.  The constant stretching occurs after a rigid oversized object is used  day and night for a long period of time. A flexible well-fitted Nose Secret will not stretch your nose.

By using the correctly fitted size of Nose Secret, your nose is temporarily reshaped without undue stress on the cartilage and skin. Nose Secret will not stretch your nose.  Fit correctly (using our fitting guide and instructions!) and wear as needed – never overnight. If you need any help fitting, just contact us.!

There’s simply not enough pressure on the nose to cause permanent stretching. So, you can wear your Nose Secret and not have to worry about Nose Secret causing your nose to stretch out of shape – all you will see happen is a little slimming and lifting, making your nose seem more shapely when the nose correctors are in place.

There you have it! Nose Secret is a safe, inexpensive solution that is a great alternative to rhinoplasty! …………Did I mention that it won’t stretch your nose?

Nose Secret takes Korean Beauty Market by Storm

Whats Korea’s Number One Beauty Secret?


According to our records, Korea has chosen Nose Secret as their number one retailer for nose enhancers! We offer nose correcting splints that give the results of rhinoplasty without the scars or recovery time – ALL AT THE LOW PRICE OF $34.95. You may be wondering, “why Nose Secret and not some other imitation brand? ” Well, we’ve got your answer: Continue reading Nose Secret takes Korean Beauty Market by Storm

Do You Qualify for Rhinoplasty? PLUS, Fresh Nose Secret Reviews!

Many of Nose Secret’s customers purchase instant nose correctors to temporarily fix their nose while they save up for Rhinoplasty. Well, we found this review in our inbox today and felt the need to share:

“I got a nose job over a year ago, but I have a bump on my nose that wasn’t fixed completely. Instead of a revision, I used nose secret, and now I finally have the nose I’ve always wanted.” -J.F.

So, is Rhinoplasty really the solution? The Digital Journals writes, “ARC Plastic Surgery’s Dr. White, known as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Miami, announces which patients may be good candidates for a nose job. He explains that the following questions should be addressed… Continue reading Do You Qualify for Rhinoplasty? PLUS, Fresh Nose Secret Reviews!

International Shipping Options

Dear Nose Secret Customers,

First of all, thank you for your interest in our product. The Customer Care team at nosesecret.com would like to take time to address an international shipping issue.

When choosing shipping options, International Customers have two options: Continue reading International Shipping Options

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