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Buzzfeed News mentions “Nosesecret”


Buzzfeed News recently mentioned, “Nosesecret” in their latest article about today’s obsession with plastic surgery and celebrities. The article states that due to the popularity of rhinoplasty, it has pushed for cost-effective and quick nose reshaping solutions , which has led to products like Nosesecret. The writer herself also talks about her experience with Nosesecret… to read more click on the following link:  BuzzFeed Nosesecret

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Beware of FAKE and Cheap Imitations like “Nose Up”,”Nose Secret 3D”, “Nose Secreter”, “Nose Shaper” and more!

Here at Nosesecret we take great pride in the quality of our product. Nosesecret is made in the U.S.A. and of health grade approved materials. Since many people have seen and experienced great results with our product other makers have decided to copy Nosesecret. They have succeeded in using our photos and information in selling their cheap imitation of our original Nosesecret. We want everyone to know that purchasing these FAKE products can be dangerous and harmful. Please do NOT get tricked into purchasing these items! Their cheaper prices might be appealing, but it is not worth the risk! You do not know where and how their products are made or even if they are safe to use.

The original and real Nosesecret are ONLY sold at the following places:

1. Our Website: www.Nosesecret.com

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NoseSecret testimonial from real users

I love this testimonial posted on Looking good by Candice .

Thank you for being one of our customer and sharing your experience  on how great NoseSecret is .

“I got my nose secret last week and some people are correct in that it does hurt….a lot. However as someone born with the weirdest nose ever, this thing really works for me. It’s not a super drastic change but more refined. My nose veers off to the left and one nostril is slightly bigger than the other. The nose secret

made it look more proportional and centered it. I am willing to get used to them in regards to comfort and not give up because they simply make me more confident. For those who scream on here that it is a scam and that we are all paid and no one should buy this , you should really watch your words, speak for yourself and leave the satisfied people out of it. Yes there are scams out there and maybe their are people on here who are being dishonest but think about it, it could go the other way too. How do we know that you don’t work for another company that’s trying to get people to not use this to steer you towards a company you work for. Goes both ways I guess. Bottom line, let adults for the most part make their own decisions, go on a case by case individualistic perspective and let us figure it out. So far and I say so far because I have not had them very long….I can’t tell you how happy I am….I look normal for the first time in my life. Just because your bitter doesn’t mean the reviews are fake. I am simply a waiter and am not paid by anyone except the restaurant I work for. Again, I am not an employee of nosesecret. When I am dealing with customers, I am so much more comfortable looking them in the eye. I would turn a little so they couldn’t see how crooked my nose was. Are there going to be people who are unhappy with the product? Absolutely! But are there people like me whose lives have changed and that are ecstatic that it exist? Hell Yeah! If I went along with “DON’T BUY THIS…IT’S A SCAM!” and didn’t have a mind of my own, I would still be sitting here unhappy, unconfident and trying to figure out ways for people not to notice my nose. Thank God I have my own mind. Say you feel like its a scam fine but to say it so definitely, like you know for sure can be hindering to people. Because some people on here have some messianic view of themselves and feel like they should speak for all, there might be some people who might miss out on a great thing and that could go for any product. I’m not saying always go against what people say, I am merely stating use your own judgement such as the rule of life and ignore the angry haters. Good luck to anyone that gives this a shot. Do you! ”

Read this and more reviews at www.lookingood.com


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Fourth of July Party? Look Great with Nose Secret!

Relax at the seasideIt’s a patriotic time of year, and that means that a lot of things will be happening:

  • Parties – who doesn’t love a good party?
  • Picnics – these are even better because one word – S’mores!
  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie and lemonade. All of this things are a reason to get up in the morning.
  • Warmer weather. OK, maybe really hot weather, depending on your location. That’s OK, find a spot of shade and relax!
  • Beaches! Summer is a great time to hang on the beach and just enjoy the surf and sun.

There are also a few things that may be not so fun.

  • The nose job you scheduled for the summer because you were out of college classes and could take recovery time eats up all your savings and you have to stay inside to recover for your health.
  • The make-up you use for contouring and making your nose look different keeps washing off or running with sweat and you keep worrying about how your nose looks.

Both of these concerns can go away if you just try Nose Secret! The easy to use nose enhancers just go in whenever you want to look a little different, without surgery or makeup. You can wear them while grilling, watching fireworks, tanning by the pool, or eating your weight in watermelon!

Make this Fourth of July one of the best ever with Nose Secret as your beauty secret!