Shipping to East Asia

Shipping Nose Secret to East Asia


At Nosesecret, we have added new and more affordable tracking services to packages going to East Asia: Japan and Republic of South Korea:

Shipping Service Fee Delivery timeframe Tracking
USPS First Class International US$6.99 20 to 30 days NO
USPS Priority Express International US$45.00 5 to 7 days YES
*Hanjin Express *US$16.50 4 to 5 days YES
*Hanjin Express – Japan US$29.95 4 to 5 days YES


*No Tracking : packages shipped with NO TRACKING service cannot be located once the package leaves the United States. Lost packages in the mail is responsibility of the buyer.

*Price increased to $29.95 for Hanjin service on orders over $500

For non tracking services, Nosesecret provides  customs ID # which is used to search for shipping details of your package at the US postal service website

*Hanjin Express provides service to Korea, South Korea and China. Tracking service is done online at

UPDATE: We no longer ship via Hanjin as of 4/16/18

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