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USPS New Shipping Prices

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Due to the new shipping prices listed from the United States Postal Service (USPS),  we at NoseSecret,  had to adjust our shipping prices as of January 25th. The most relevant changes were applied  to  international shipping rates.

Nosesecret do not charge handling fees and strive to provide free shipping to  domestic orders over $30.00 and discounted shipping rates for all our customers abroad.
NoseSecret Domestic Shipping prices remain the same. First class parcel remains at $2.99 and Priority Mail is $6.00, However, Domestic Express Mail Priority overnight is now $21.95.

All international shipping charges were updated by the United States postal service as follows:

First Class parcel international is now $9.95 for Canada and $13.50 for other  countries

Priority Mail international is now $ 23.50 for Canada and $32.50 for other  countries

Express Mail international is now $41.90 for Canada  and $56.99 for other  countries

Shipping to The Philippines via Johnny Air  or to Japan and Korea via Hanjin Express, remain the same price as in 2015.

Hanjin Express Mail to East Asia ( Korea and  Japan)

Shipping Service Fee Delivery time frame
Hanjin Express to Korea US$15.00  10 days YES
Hanjin Express to Japan US$35.00  10 days YES


Johnny Air to  Philippines 

Shipping Service Fee Delivery time frame
Johnny Air Pickup at Branch location  in Selected Cities US$9.50  10 to 15 days YES
Johnny Air Door to Door Delivery in Selected Cities
US$$26.00  10 to 15 days YES

*Johnny Air service is provided for selected cities ONLY – full list here

NoseSecret Lovers Be awared of knock-offs


Attention NoseSecret Lovers:  Beware of Cheap Counterfeits!

We wanted to thank to all our customers for their support of our great product.

We also want you to be aware that some people who are looking to make quick money are selling fake NoseSecret. Even some of our loyal customers have fallen into the trap  of buying fake NoseSecret product online.

Here are some facts that will tell you that you are buying actual NoseSecret nose correctors:

Quality: We pride ourselves for offering a high  quality product made 100% in the USA with the highest  production standards. Cheap knock-off products that break easily are being made in China, Korea and Thailand.

Price: The low cost of these knock-offs lets you know the low quality and lack of service behind them. Not knowing who is behind these knock-off products can expose you to hazardous undisclosed material.

Shape of the product: Some knock-offs have variations in the shape of our product whereas others seem to be cheap copies.  Keep an eye out for any hints you are not buying real NoseSecret. 

Places to Buy: NoseSecret is NOT sold on Alibaba, Amazon or any other website that claims to be a NoseSecret distributor.

We do have an  Ebay store in the  US . Make sure you are buying from the NoseSecret Ebay store.

How to make sure that you are buying the original NoseSecret?

If you want to make sure that you are buying the original NoseSecret, please buy from our official website

If you have any questions, you can call us or chat with us through our website.

Always contact us if you are suspicious you are not buying the real NoseSecret.