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Be aware of fake NoseSecret being sold on and other online stores

If you see NoseSecret in,  It is a fake NoseSecretnosesecretmix

Some of our customers had been victim of scammers posing as NoseSecret sellers offering fake NoseSecret. Some of the reports mention product being harmful, orders being cancelled but money never refunded, product not arriving, etc.  While we make every effort to inform our audience about  which sale channels are legit , scammers get very sneaky and even use our trademark  and images to deceive buyers.

For your information, NoseSecret count with a group of re sellers around the world. Not just because they claim to be authorized re sellers you should take their word. Always contact us to verify if you are buying an original NoseSecret.

We only sell NoseSecret via our website, our sister website, Ebay store : NoseSecret and Ebay authorized re seller of individual pairs Fabtrend.

Due  re-sellers rotation  worldwide, we strongly advise that you to contact us directly if you re suspicious, you might have  received a fake product. We do not have re-sellers in the US and if you see trademark violators selling a fake Nosesecret in  and Ebay .com  or please, contact us intermediately at You will be granted  free product if you help catch the scammers and report the link of those products.

At NoseSecret we are proud of the product  we manufacture and sell for two reasons, NoseSecret is made int the United States following  quality and health grade regulations and second because at NoseSecret we are users of the product as well. We are confident that our products bring real results because we will never back a product we don’t use in house. We believe in excellence,  and we’ll  be here for your via phone, chat or email answering any question you may have.

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Did You Know The Environment Helped Determine The Shape of Our Noses?


Ever wonder why your nose is shaped the way it is? Well, it’s not just genetics anymore, but our Ancestor’s environment was a key factor in the evolution of the shape of our nose.

Researchers took specific nose measurements and compared it to the humidity and temperature of geographic regions and found that the width of our nostrils have a strong link to climate.

To find out more, check out Huffington Post’s article here

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Nosesecret Spring Sale is Here!

Screen shot 2017-03-20 at 12.36.17 PM



Nosesecret Spring Sale is here! Get 25% OFF ALL ITEMS

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First Day of Spring! Checkout these Freebies!



It’s officially the first day of Spring and some places are celebrating with offering free items especially restaurants!

For over 20 years, Rita’s italian ice has given away almost over millions of cups of italian ice on the first day of spring. So, get yourself an italian ice! If you post your free ice cream on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #RitasFirstDayofSpring you earn yourself a chance to win FREE Rita’s Italian Ice for a year & a shout out on their social media pages! First 24 second place winners will receive a $25 gift card.

Still in the mood for more ice cream? Dairy Queen is also giving away a small vanilla cone on the first day of spring also to celebrate Free Cone Day.

Amazon is giving away $10 gift cards for only $5! This is only offered to U.S. customers only.

Outback is offering a free bloomin’ onion appetizer with any purchase today at their restaurants.

Don’t miss out on these freebies!

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Screen shot 2017-03-20 at 12.47.26 PM.png