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Our Top 10 Favorite Beauty Tips!


Google “Beauty Tips” and millions of articles and videos will pop up with tons of tricks and hacks that could last you for days, but here are our easy top 10 favorite ones!

  1. Mixing foundation and moisturizer will help you feel like your wearing less make-up while still giving you full coverage.
  2. The easiest way to create a smokey eye is to do a hashtag (#) at the outercorner of your eye and blend!
  3. Applying lip balm to your eyelashes before your mascara will help it look curlier.
  4. Conceal your pores by applying some powder before your foundation.
  5. Do you have oily skin? Have you ever run out of blotting papers? You can use toilet seat covers in an emergency to blot your face! it’s ok they’re practically made of the same material.
  6. Looking for the perfect natural lipstick for your lips? Pull down your bottom lip and the shade on the inside is most likely your best match!
  7. Freckles are in! Get some faux freckles in seconds by using a bobby pin and some brow gel.
  8. Lick your lips before drinking out of a cup or a straw to prevent your lipstick from transferring.
  9. The shade of red that peeks through your palms is an easy way to determine your blush color.
  10. Cream eyeshadows and lipsticks are made of similar ingredients, so now you have twice the amount of make-up to choose from!

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This Week’s Top 10 Beauty Looks!

According to Vogue.


This week’s best beauty moments come down to one thing…not your make-up or what you wear, but how you wear your hair! HAIR is the beauty moment of the week according to Vogue.

How do you wear your hair? Do you like to put it in a bun like, Jessica Hart who sported a blonde hightop bun this week or a messy bun like Rihanna who literally put a twist on the messy bun with her long flowing dreadlocks.

The Kardashians were also on Vogue’s list this week with Kim’s center parted long sleek locks and Kendal Jenner’s effortless medium raven hair.

To read more about this weeks top 10 beauty looks by Vogue click here

Is Your New Year’s Resolution a Nose Job?


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