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NoseSecret lovers share their reviews



It is our anniversary and for 9 years we have delivered!

ow,  NoseSecret is a brand  recognized  around the world as a nose correction alternative with real results ; no surgery,  no make up and no needles.

Here are some of the testimonials from our customers that had made NoseSecret the trusted  nose correction brand .  Visit our Product info for more information, discount and to read more reviews from our  customer

Key.- Quite Satisfied             5 starts 

“I have found the Nose Secret to be incredibly helpful for reshaping the tip of my nose. Normally somewhat bulbous, and slightly wider at the tip than along the sides, these splints thin and lift the tip, providing a shape that is much more aesthetically appealing. When the splints are inserted, the width of my nasal tip is visibly thinner, and the sides smoothly approach the tip, rather than bulging outward. I’m very satisfied with the results. I’ve used Nose Secret now for several months and plan to use it much longer. I had previously attempted to disguise the undesirable shape of my nose with makeup without much success, and these splints provide better and consistent results in only a few seconds, improving my confidence tremendously.”

Mavis.- My holy grail!              5 starts

“I love this product so much, it works wonders! I do, however, notice that tears will occur at the bend of the splint with usage, but I love this product so much that I can’t really complain. Forever a loyal customer!”

Tiffany.-Amazing. My review      5 Starts

“I am so thankful for nose secret. I am an 18 year old girl who before discovering nose secret, was seriously thinking about surgery. I have a bulbous nose and a bit of a hump. However, with the size small, I was able to erase both flaws. The medium I wear only on special occasions and makes my nose look BEYOND perfect. Yes, it may get uncomfortable sometimes, but just take it out in private if its too uncomfortable. I don’t care about the discomfort. I love it.”

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NoseSecret testimonial from real users

I love this testimonial posted on Looking good by Candice .

Thank you for being one of our customer and sharing your experience  on how great NoseSecret is .

“I got my nose secret last week and some people are correct in that it does hurt….a lot. However as someone born with the weirdest nose ever, this thing really works for me. It’s not a super drastic change but more refined. My nose veers off to the left and one nostril is slightly bigger than the other. The nose secret

made it look more proportional and centered it. I am willing to get used to them in regards to comfort and not give up because they simply make me more confident. For those who scream on here that it is a scam and that we are all paid and no one should buy this , you should really watch your words, speak for yourself and leave the satisfied people out of it. Yes there are scams out there and maybe their are people on here who are being dishonest but think about it, it could go the other way too. How do we know that you don’t work for another company that’s trying to get people to not use this to steer you towards a company you work for. Goes both ways I guess. Bottom line, let adults for the most part make their own decisions, go on a case by case individualistic perspective and let us figure it out. So far and I say so far because I have not had them very long….I can’t tell you how happy I am….I look normal for the first time in my life. Just because your bitter doesn’t mean the reviews are fake. I am simply a waiter and am not paid by anyone except the restaurant I work for. Again, I am not an employee of nosesecret. When I am dealing with customers, I am so much more comfortable looking them in the eye. I would turn a little so they couldn’t see how crooked my nose was. Are there going to be people who are unhappy with the product? Absolutely! But are there people like me whose lives have changed and that are ecstatic that it exist? Hell Yeah! If I went along with “DON’T BUY THIS…IT’S A SCAM!” and didn’t have a mind of my own, I would still be sitting here unhappy, unconfident and trying to figure out ways for people not to notice my nose. Thank God I have my own mind. Say you feel like its a scam fine but to say it so definitely, like you know for sure can be hindering to people. Because some people on here have some messianic view of themselves and feel like they should speak for all, there might be some people who might miss out on a great thing and that could go for any product. I’m not saying always go against what people say, I am merely stating use your own judgement such as the rule of life and ignore the angry haters. Good luck to anyone that gives this a shot. Do you! ”

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