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Shipping with USPS: How Priority Express Works

NoseSecret USPSAs many people know, the United States Postal Service (USPS) changed their shipping lineup in the summer of 2013. Chiefly among the changes was the renaming of the Express mailpieces into its current form, Priority Mail Express. There are now two offerings in the Priority category: Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail has remained mostly the same, with the exception of estimated shipping times varying from 1-3 days based on origin and destination (The closer, the faster).

These new offerings include the option of package insurance and a guaranteed shipping time of 2 days for Priority Mail Express. That’s right, TWO DAYS. They state 1 day overnight, but legally they have up to two days for some regions. Now, what regions are those?

The NoseSecret warehouse is located in Central NJ, 07024. If you wish to determine the estimated delivery time for Priority, click the link below:

Input the origin area code of 07024. From there you can input the destination zip code. This will only tell you the estimated time for Priority Mail delivery. Even if the estimated time is 1 day, it does not necessarily mean it will be delivered in one day. The USPS is notorious for delayed packages, and they have up to the 3 day limit for delivering packages with regular Priority.

Now, let’s talk about why your package was delayed, lost, or misplaced. The USPS has a running list of ‘hazards’ which they deem to be the reason packages are most often delayed. The list includes:

  • Dogs
  • Bad Weather
  • Full Mailbox
  • Incomplete/Wrong Address (Happens quite frequently, double check your addresses!)

Now, let’s talk about why your Priority Mail Express package was delayed or not shipped. The reasons can be simple. NoseSecret does not operate on the weekends. Unless otherwise specifically asked for, there is also no post on Sundays. Priority Express can be delivered on Sunday, but costs extra. As our shipping policy clearly outlines, we also do not ship to a differing addresses for first time customers. There is no exception. YOU MUST complete the verification process if you wish to proceed. Now let’s talk about signature verification. If you order Priority Express, be prepared to accept it the next day. Do not make the mistake of not being there or being otherwise engaged, because IT WILL REQUIRE A SIGNATURE.

When packages are shipped, an automated email is sent to the registered email address on file. The email will contain relevant financial information concerning your purchase as well as a tracking number for your convenience (Only US). The tracking number will allow you to determine the current status of the package. Please, only contact us if the required, guaranteed date has passed for shipping. For First Class Package that is 3-5 days. For Priority it is 3 days. For Express it is 2 days. Only after the allotted time has run out, and you have contacted your post office to determine status, should you contact us. We are not liable for misplaced or lost packages. It is the responsibility of the USPS to honor their guarantee. We can do nothing except show proof of shipment.

More Answers from Nose Secret Customer Care: Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy:

1. How do you use my personal information?

NoseSecret respects your privacy and recognizes the need for proper protection of your personal information such us name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

You will remain anonymous when you visit our site unless you provide us with your personal information. We may request personal information to process orders, inform you about our future special offers or to communicate change to our policies.

We will never share your personal information unless you authorize us to do so.

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2. Do you use cookies?

Nose Secret may use cookies to better serve our customers preferences. A cookie is a small amount of data sends to your browser for the purpose of collecting information that Nose Secret will use to provide customized and personalized services. We also use this information to analyze data trends and statistics.

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1. It is your site secure for entering my credit card information?

Safeguarding your personal and financial information is one of our top priorities.

Whenever we collect sensitive information from you, such as credit card data and contact details, the information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can verify this by searching for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser or by looking for “https” to appear at the beginning of the web page address. Also, we contract with an Internet security firm to test our website daily for security flaws.

You can also click on Site Lock and Geo trust banners to learn more about real time NoseSecret secure shopping.

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2. Do you store my credit card information?

We do not stored your personal information on our servers.

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Como recibo NoseSecret gratis?

Para quienes nos han estado llamado y escribiendo  sobre nuestro programa de “Obtenga NoseSecret Gratis” les que remos anunciar que hemos implementado nuestro programa de referidos. Cada vez que usted refiere a un amigo o conocido Nosesecret le otorga $25.00 de credito a su cuenta  y 20% de descuento a su referido. Usted recibira un codigo-cupon que luego utilizara para ordenar su Nosesecret y aplicar el descuento de $25.00. Para mayor informacion puede ver siguiente enlace:

No olvide que si nos evia su testimonio , receibira Nosesecret completamente gratis si recide en los Estados Unidos y unicamente pagara gastos de envios si vive fuera del pais. Haga click en el siguiente enlace para enviar su testimonio.

Shipping Returns and Refunds from NoseSecret

Returns and refunds:

1. Can I return the product?

Yes, at NoseSecret we want you to be a 100% satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results you can return the product within the next 15 days of receiving the order for a refund of your money minus $8.99 processing fee plus shipping charges

Purchase of the Introductoty NoseSecret kit that include the three different sizes is the only product that qualifies for refund. Purchase of single pairs do not qualify for refund.

For refunds of the Introductory kit including order from Colombia),  send entire package to:

NoseSecret , P.O.Box 188, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

To expedite your refund:

  • Email us to initiate your refund. Include name and approximate date of order in email and on package.
  • Write “REFUND” on the exterior of the envelope.
  • Use a reliable delivery service with tracking number to make sure the return  reach us on time to avoid processing delays.

We do not resell products that have left our warehouse. However, we require return of the product for inventory purpose.

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2. When can I expect my refund?

Refunds are processed within a week of receiving the package and the entire process may take  2 weeks for you to see the refnd on your statement. Make sure you use a reliable service with tracking number to send your package so it can reach us on time. Proof of delivery will be requested in case package gets lost.

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Ordering From NoseSecret Q&A

Ordering NoseSecret:

1. Where can I buy NoseSecret?

2. Do you charge sales tax?

3. How can I pay if I don’t own a credit card?

4. How can I choose the right size for me?

5. Can I order only one pair?

6. Can I return the NoseSecret if I am not satisfied?

1. Where Can I buy NoseSecret?

NoseSecret products can only be purchased at We offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders within the United States and USPS shipping rates as low as $6.99 for international customers.

2. Do you charge sales tax?

We only charge sales taxes to orders shipping to a New Jersey address.

3. How can I pay if I don’t own a credit card?

We have several methods of payment for your convenience:

Besides Credit Cards, we accept Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union, and Money Orders from the US Postal Service. All payments MUST be made in US dollars.

For Paypal orders – use the Express Checkout button at the cart. In addition, please register your shipping address as the “Authorized Shipping Address” in your Paypal account to avoid processing delays. If the shipping address does not match the address on your Paypal, the order will not be shipped.

For Money Gram and Western Union payments – placed your order first. Once you have the total amount of your order send the payment to the authorized payee; Fabiola Diamond. The second step will be to email the information about your payment including:

Sender’s name
MTCN or reference number of payment
Amount Sent

We ship your orders AFTER the funds are cleared, same or next day.

For Money Order Purchases (USPS) – place your order first, once you have the total amount of your order, mail your money to:

Nose Secret
P.O. Box 188
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

4. How can I choose the right size for me?

Choose the right size of the NoseSecret corrector depends on the shape and length of your nose.

For your convenience and the avoid the hassle of receiving the wrong size, we offer first time buyers the option to choose from three introductory kits. Each kit comes with three pairs of NoseSecret correctors of differing size.

Choose from:

Kit XS, S, M: if your nose is very small to a medium size. Best suited for an Ethnic-Asian type of nose.

Kit S, M, L: if your nose is between a small and average nose size. Best suited for most people.

Kit M, L, XL: if your nose is average to large size. Most males and some females with average to large noses order this sized kit.

You can also “fine-tune” the fit of your size by compressing the NoseSecret inserts with your fingers.
For more instructions click here:

5. Can I order only one pair?

You can order one pair if you have purchased NoseSecret in the past and know for sure what size best fits you.

If you are a first time buyer, it is better to order the NoseSecret kit that comes with three different sizes to find the right fit. Single pair’s purchases are not covered with the refund policy so it is neither returnable nor refundable.

6. Can I return he NoseSecret if I am not satisfied?

We know that you will LOVE NoseSecret, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results you can return your NoseSecret kits within the next 15 days of receiving the order for a refund.

Since we do not re-sell returned products for safety and hygienic purposes, there is an associated processing fee deducted from your transaction of $8.99 plus any extra shipping charges.

Single pair purchases are NOT covered with the return policy.