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USPS New Shipping Prices

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Due to the new shipping prices listed from the United States Postal Service (USPS),  we at NoseSecret,  had to adjust our shipping prices as of January 25th. The most relevant changes were applied  to  international shipping rates.

Nosesecret do not charge handling fees and strive to provide free shipping to  domestic orders over $30.00 and discounted shipping rates for all our customers abroad.
NoseSecret Domestic Shipping prices remain the same. First class parcel remains at $2.99 and Priority Mail is $6.00, However, Domestic Express Mail Priority overnight is now $21.95.

All international shipping charges were updated by the United States postal service as follows:

First Class parcel international is now $9.95 for Canada and $13.50 for other  countries

Priority Mail international is now $ 23.50 for Canada and $32.50 for other  countries

Express Mail international is now $41.90 for Canada  and $56.99 for other  countries

Shipping to The Philippines via Johnny Air  or to Japan and Korea via Hanjin Express, remain the same price as in 2015.

Hanjin Express Mail to East Asia ( Korea and  Japan)

Shipping Service Fee Delivery time frame
Hanjin Express to Korea US$15.00  10 days YES
Hanjin Express to Japan US$35.00  10 days YES


Johnny Air to  Philippines 

Shipping Service Fee Delivery time frame
Johnny Air Pickup at Branch location  in Selected Cities US$9.50  10 to 15 days YES
Johnny Air Door to Door Delivery in Selected Cities
US$$26.00  10 to 15 days YES

*Johnny Air service is provided for selected cities ONLY – full list here

You Asked, We’re Answering: Does Nose Secret Track First Class International Orders?

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about international orders and tracking. As we mentioned last week, we have TWO shipping options for international orders: 1. First class international – no tracking 2. Express Mail International – tracking Although we say there is no tracking, our postal carrier (USPS) provides limited updates on all First Class International orders. The tracking number/id we send to your email will show a record of your package while it is moving within the United States, but ends when the package is sent over seas. However, we’ve got good news from USPS! The following countries will receive FULL tracking on their First Class International Packages: Continue reading You Asked, We’re Answering: Does Nose Secret Track First Class International Orders?

International Shipping Options

Dear Nose Secret Customers,

First of all, thank you for your interest in our product. The Customer Care team at would like to take time to address an international shipping issue.

When choosing shipping options, International Customers have two options: Continue reading International Shipping Options

Other Shipping Options from NoseSecret

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail Forwarding is a service to forward mail, letters, packages, etc from a US-based address (Not a P.O. Box!) for consumers who desire to take advantage of lower item and international shipping costs. By having a US-based address to ship items to, consumers can have more choice in what they buy, when, and where. These services have now changed, and many mail forwarding companies offer other incentives, such as: Concierge service (They will purchase for you), Consolidation service (Many packages combined to one), Virtual mailbox (Storage), Customs declaration, etc.

For most companies, registration is required. An account will allow you to access your mailbox, and create shipments for purchases made online. *Some companies may try to scam you by requesting an unusual number of verification documents. Please research to keep your personal and financial information safe!* 

Also be sure to research what kind of mailbox you wish to have. Some companies which offer flat fee per package also have a bad habit of adding ‘extra’ surcharge for fuel, space, storage, notification, customs, etc. Make triple sure to research exactly how much it will cost if you are doing package by package basis. Having a membership with a mail forwarder however, will save you money in the long term, something to think about if you plan to do alot of shopping in the US.

Reputation is the most important aspect in choosing an International Mail Forwarder. The more reputable companies are more expensive, yes, but they make it up with customer service, custom requests, and accessibility. If you choose a cheap mail forwarding service, do not be surprised when you cannot reach the manager.

All companies offer different services, so we have listed several companies which you may investigate for mail forwarding purposes.


USGlobalMail – A+ BBB rating, Monthly Plan


BongoUS – A Rating BBB, Flat Rate


MyUS – A+ BBB Rating, Monthly Plan


USAMail1 – A BBB Rating, Monthly Plan


Shipito – No BBB Rating, Flat or Monthly Plan


Borderlinx – B+ BBB Rating, Flat Fee


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