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What Your Nose Says About You?

A fun fact about being human is that we all have at least one physical feature that differs from others. Many people are cautious of their skinny legs or bulky calves and overgrown abdomens. However, features below the neck are rarely considered a matter of serious concern. You may be worried about your eyes being too descending or too wide and your thin lips that need to be outlined for a fuller look. But what intrigues us the most is the kind of nose shape that we possess.

Since the nose is situated at the middle of our face, its prominence is highlighted a bit further than other prominent features. And from the ancient times, a perfect nose is considered to be the virtue of a successful person.

When you walk into a gathering of known individuals or even strangers, the first thing they notice on your face is the nose. No doubt, that you have the prettiest smile or the shiniest eyes in the room but if you have a droopy or wide nose, its going be counted as a negative point. This negative point will overshadow your entire appearance and take the charm away from stylishness.

Nobody of course, wants to feel alienated among other members of the crowd. That is why most people tend to look for a solution. Some opt for the very obvious and in-trend solution i.e. nose reshaping surgery. But that costs a great deal of money that you could safely invest in your child’s college fund or to pay off the huge mortgage that’s been engulfing your house.

Keeping all these points in mind, you could easily save money for the house by purchasing something light and within your budget. That cosmetic product is the one and only Nosesecret nose reshaper. Having a wide nose, I wasn’t so keen on opting for plastic surgery and spending all those days recovering by myself.

Since I live alone and my family lives in another state, I really don’t have option of lying down and resting while my family helps me out. I have to check my mail and clean the apartment on a regular basis alongside cooking a meal for myself. Who can survive on restaurant food that long? Not me at least.

Therefore, a nose reshaper had to be it. What’s more pleasing than its reasonable price is the fact that it’s harmless and easy to use. All you have to do is look at the instructions given along with the product and follow them precisely.  Even if you’re still afraid of using it, (which was also my case by the way) there’s a tutorial video available at the Nosesecret website that describes the process step by step.

Though I was reluctant on sticking some piece of plastic up my nose, things began to fall in place as time went by. Nowadays, I don’t even feel the presence of soft plastic underneath my nostrils. Plus the fact that I’m completely confident and more outgoing than ever before and with this nose reshaper, I can now take part in occasional snaps with my wonderful straight Greek nose look.

Nose Job that Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

nose job
When it comes to nose jobs, there are several alternatives that await you. To make the right choice, you must make sure that you know the pros and cons of the various options. People usually make the choice depending upon their financial affordability. Here is a brief analysis of the different options you have when it comes to nose jobs.

Rhynoplasty in the U.S

Pros: The effect of rhynoplasty is intended to be permanent.
Cons: A typical rhynopasty surgery costs around $10,000. Given the current financial crunch everyone’s facing, this can be afforded only by celebrities and other high income citizens. Rhynoplasty once done, cannot be undone, hence the risk of irreversible error is high. The complete recovery time for a surgery is at least a year – common side effects of rhynoplasty include bruises, sinusitis and swelling. Also, the operated nose will be subject to the effects of aging as you grow older.

Rhynoplasty outside the U.S

Pros: Rhynoplasty done outside the U.S will cost you significantly lesser. Even with the added travelling costs, you’ll save up to 50% of what rhynoplasty in the U.S costs.
Cons: Along with the usual drawbacks of rhynoplasty, a foreign surgery has added disadvantages. Post surgery visits to the surgeon are as important as the surgery itself. These visits ensure that the operated nose is maturing in the correct way. A tourist nose job may make follow up visits complicated with the US doctors instead of the original surgeon.

Non-Surgical Rhynoplasty

Pros: Non surgical rhynoplasty costs less than regular rhynoplasty – $500 to $2000. Also, its temporary nature allows you to easily get rid of it if you don’t like it.
Cons: Although it costs almost 10% of what you pay for a permanent nose job, the effect wears off in around 6 months. The materials injected to ‘fill up’ your nose may not be FDA approved and can be harmful in the long run. Side effects include soreness and inflammation.

DIY Nose Job

Pros: It is as quick as a nose job can possibly be. Insert NoseSecret splints into your nose and you’re done. Since it is a non surgical method, it is non invasive. Hence, you can always opt out. Also, there is no recovery process hence, you don’t have to miss out on work, or any other social gatherings. Most importantly, it is friendly to your pocket. There is no other nose job that costs you as low as $30.
Cons: Its temporary nature means you’ll have to keep using it every day. Also, the results are not as drastic as those of surgical rhynoplasty.

NoseSecret in the Media

Nose Secret
Our customers belong to a wide range of ages, educational, ethnic and economic backgrounds. The one thing common among them is that they love NoseSecret for the change that it has brought in their lives and the ease with which inserts make them feel transformed is something that binds them all together.

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NoseSecret was featured in MSNBC’s The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. You can watch the video here and see how interesting it was for viewers to see a non surgical DIY nose job. Even more amazing was the fact that it was done so quickly and cost-effectively, without any risk of anything going wrong. Cross your fingers for more coverage of NoseSecret on different TV channels.

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