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Thinking About Getting a Nose Job?Here’s All The Info You Need!

smartbeauty Image provided by Smart Beauty Guide

It isn’t uncommon now a days to want to enhance or fix some part of your face. One of the most popular surgeries to date is the “nose job.” Are your thinking about getting one?

Here are a few reasons to consider getting nose surgery:

  1. Your nose is not in proportion to your face.
  2. Your facing breathing irregularities due to your nose.
  3. You are not happy with the shape of your nose
  4. You would like to get rid of a hump, crooked, droop, etc..

Here are some of the basics to get you started in your nose job journey… You must be able to do your research and ask yourself the right questions. Make sure you understand how a nose job is performed and what kind of procedures are available. You need to explore all options before making your final decision.

Click here for more information provided by Smart Beauty Guide, It’s literally everything you need to know from how to chose the right surgeon, what questions to ask, managing costs of your surgery, your recovery plan and more!  – Smart Beauty Guide to a Nose Surgery



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Hashtag #NOMAKEUP! 6 Easy Tips


Women everywhere are starting to embrace the “No make-up” trend as well as social media with #NOMAKEUP being the newest popular hashtag. We can all thank the beautiful Alicia Keys for starting this movement when she announced that she would no longer be wearing her make-up in her personal or public life. More and more women everyday are embracing their natural look, including celebrities like, Cameron Diaz and Cindy Crawford.

Here are some great tips to help you look great without make-up!

1.Try not to wear make-up every day! It is important to let your skin breathe to keep it looking fresh and blemish free.

2.Exfoliate your skin! A dead layer of skin could leave your complexion looking dull. A new fresh layer of skin will have you glowing.

3.Moisturize your skin, dry skin can also leave your face looking rough and grey. Properly moisturizing your skin will help reflect light off your smooth skin giving your face a natural glow effect.

4.Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated! Dehydrated skin can make you look older.

5.Get enough sleep and use tea bags in the morning to relive puffy eyes.

6.Brighten up your eyes! A great beauty industry trick is keeping the whites of your eyes clear with redness- reducing drops. This helps wake up your whole face!

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Your Nose is aging! How to look younger without surgery!

Does the nose grow as you age? The answer might surprise you.  One look at these images or this video and you might be ready to say of course it does, but it is not as simple as that!

The nose (and the ears) do elongate with age, and may appear larger, but it is not due to cartilage growing. It is due to …. gravity.  Cartilage and skin are not as rigid as bone, and as such are slowly pulled down by gravity. The nose is not growing, it is slowly sagging and stretching.  Older tissues become less elastic and firm, and gravity eventually wins over! This can also change the shape of the nose, making it look concave and hooked. Click here for a more detailed explanation!

So what is the answer? Is it plastic surgery? Maybe a nose job? It might work for a little bit.  One study suggests it can take about 3 years off your age. Then you will need to have it done all over again!  Of course there are images all over the internet of celebrities who have decided to stay young forever with the help of their friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon. These are a good commercial for aging gracefully and naturally!

The good news is that you can look younger without surgery! The most important thing is to look after yourself. By eating healthily, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol, exercising regularly, and protecting yourself from the sun you can feel and look younger!

Nosesecret nose lifters can also help you in that battle against gravity by gently lifting the tip of that sagging nose. Try a Nosesecret non-surgical nose-lift instead of an invasive procedure. Together with a healthy lifestyle you can enjoy looking and feeling years younger!