Nose jobs make people happier, healthier and more successful.


According to the most recent Study from the Association of Rhinoplasty , patients  who undergo nose surgery,  appear significantly more attractive, more successful, and healthier. Although, the impact of rhinoplasty surgery on social perceptions has not been quantified, these findings propose that patients experience an improvement in social interactions stemming from the positive effect of nose surgery on observer perceptions.

The research highlights that “prior studies have suggested that individuals who are perceived as more attractive experience meaningful social benefits—what is known as a “halo effect.” They have  found that observers assume that attractive individuals have socially desirable personalities, lead overall happier lives, and enjoy more fulfilling occupational success compared with less attractive individuals”

“In addition, studies have shown that individuals perceived as more attractive have an increased likelihood of being hired for a job, receive more lenient court judgments, and experience more success as a political candidate”

A total of 473 casual observers participated in the study from June 2016 to December 2016. Of this sample, 431 participants fully completed the web-based survey and were eligible for inclusion. 96% of the observers had no prior rhinoplasty surgery and 59% did not know any family members or friends who underwent rhinoplasty surgery

The study suggest that this  may improve physician-patient discussions about rhinoplasty surgery by providing a reference for an optimal outcome. However, it is always important to warn patients that personal expectations play a big roll on the desired outcome.

While nose surgery is the focus of the study, nose reshaping  can also be achieved using other non-conventional , more affordable method depending on the complexity of the issue. For instance, wide nostrils, crooked nose, hump and other related issues can be fixed by  NoseSecret  according to hundreds of satisfied customers . NoseSecret instant results, can be  used to fix nose imperfections without the down time and budget required by a Surgery.



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