USPS New Shipping Prices

USPS image

Due to the new shipping prices listed from the United States Postal Service (USPS),  we at NoseSecret,  had to adjust our shipping prices as of January 25th. The most relevant changes were applied  to  international shipping rates.

Nosesecret do not charge handling fees and strive to provide free shipping to  domestic orders over $30.00 and discounted shipping rates for all our customers abroad.
NoseSecret Domestic Shipping prices remain the same. First class parcel remains at $2.99 and Priority Mail is $6.00, However, Domestic Express Mail Priority overnight is now $21.95.

All international shipping charges were updated by the United States postal service as follows:

First Class parcel international is now $9.95 for Canada and $13.50 for other  countries

Priority Mail international is now $ 23.50 for Canada and $32.50 for other  countries

Express Mail international is now $41.90 for Canada  and $56.99 for other  countries

Shipping to The Philippines via Johnny Air  or to Japan and Korea via Hanjin Express, remain the same price as in 2015.

Hanjin Express Mail to East Asia ( Korea and  Japan)

Shipping Service Fee Delivery time frame
Hanjin Express to Korea US$15.00  10 days YES
Hanjin Express to Japan US$35.00  10 days YES


Johnny Air to  Philippines 

Shipping Service Fee Delivery time frame
Johnny Air Pickup at Branch location  in Selected Cities US$9.50  10 to 15 days YES
Johnny Air Door to Door Delivery in Selected Cities
US$$26.00  10 to 15 days YES

*Johnny Air service is provided for selected cities ONLY – full list here

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