When a Nose Job Makes Things Worse – Four Celebs who Shouldn’t Have!

They are celebs we know and love – we just wish they loved themselves a little more! These four celebs went under the knife for a rhinoplasty, and we can’t really say we see an improvement – we like their old nose better!

Ashlee Simpson immediately comes to mind. Jessica’s little sister is a successful singer in her own right, and pretty as picture – why did she have to mess with darn near perfection?

Another up and coming young singer and former child star Ashley Tisdale also had some modification done – and again, we’re confused. Her nose looked just fine before!

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy – you already got to the red carpet, albeit as a B-list – or is that Z-list? – celeb. Your old nose fit your personality better – why did you opt for the operating table?

Finally, it’s been a lot of years since Dirty Dancing, but we thought Jennifer looked just fine pre-surgery. What do you think? Pre- or post – op Jen?

Remember, if you aren’t certain about getting a nose job, you can always test drive a new look using Nose Secret instead.

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