Beauty tips for Labor Day Weekend!

Sadly the final weekend of summer is approaching. Fall approaches, and with it new fashions and looks, that beautiful suntan will slowly fade away!

BUT….. There is still one holiday weekend left, and you should make the most of it—starting with a great Labor Day Weekend look!

Sharpen that lip liner and wave that mascara wand  for a final salute to summer. It is the last weekend and you are going to look good!

Hair: Much as we love summer, our hair does not! Sun, salt, chlorine all take their toll, your hair is breathing a sigh of relief that it is almost over! If you do hit the beach or the pool, remember to soak your hair with conditioner first and rinse after! Counter the summer frizz with an easy hairstyle, like a loose bun or side braid. As summer draws to a close say goodbye to all those dry and split ends and get a trim!

Face: Keep makeup simple, chances are you have a nice summer glow already! A light foundation with spf, will even out your skin tone and protect you from the sun! A mascara matching the color of your eyelashes will give a softer result, and keep the lip tones soft, for a natural sunkissed end of summer look!

Last but not least, do not forget your Nosesecret! It is way too hot and humid for all that nose-contouring makeup! So just slide the enhancers in before going to that Labor day party, and complete your perfect end of summer look! Best of all you can use our Labor Day coupon code to save money and look great!

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