Plastic surgery by numbers

According to Eonline, The top five requested celeb features as reported by a prominent plastic surgeon are:
  • Kate Middleton’s nose
  • Olivia Munn’s eyes
  • Scarlett Johansson’s lips
  • Kate Bosworth’s chin
  • Kim Kardashian’s buttocks

Of course while these features look great on the individual celebrities if you put them all together, it is NOT a good look  This is because trying to look like someone else invariably ends up worse than simply enhancing the beauty that you already possess.

A recent article in the NY Times Magazine highlighted some interesting and alarming statistics. 1 in 20 US woman have had plastic surgery, but half of all US patients are repeat customers, which begs the question, did they like it so much that they went back for more, or did they still feel unhappy enough with their appearance after surgery that they needed more?

On a country by country basis, the top five havens for cosmetic procedures are South Korea, followed by Greece, then Italy,  then the US, and finally Colombia. Men account for 13% of cosmetic procedures.
Of course for us as individuals, the big cosmetic picture, is not as important as how we feel with our own appearance. It is far better to make subtle changes that enhance YOUR beauty rather than to make drastic changes to try and look like someone else.  Nose Secret can provide a gently enhanced appearance without the risks and costs of plastic surgery. Enjoy your new look without becoming a cosmetic surgery statistic!

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