Is Nose Secret Safe? Find Out the Facts!

non_surgical_no.06840173909.w640Many people are understandably a little skeptical of anything they may find online – especially when it comes to items advertised to make a major difference in your life! Nose Secret is no different – after all, the idea of an affordable, non-surgical alternative to a nose job sounds fantastic, right?

The most important question is always “Is this product safe?” We want our customers and potential customers to be able to make a fully informed, intelligent decision to use Nose Secret, AND to be safe when they do try it, so here is the bottom line on our product, the materials we use to make it, and just how safe it really is!

First, let’s talk about the history of Nose Secret. This product wasn’t thrown together; a LOT of research went into studying how the nose itself is shaped, the difference between the flesh, cartilage and underlying bone, how much you can really change shape with a small amount of pressure, and how many different sizes needed to be created to ensure a comfortable fit for virtually any user. Nose Secret has anatomical science behind it, ensuring that your nose is not put under excessive pressure and that your experience is a comfortable, safe one.

Second, let’s address materials. Not all plastic is equal! There is plastic appropriate for making a garbage can, plastic for food wrapping, and plastic that is medical grade, to mention only a few. The latter is the kind of plastic we use to make Nose Secret; it is strong, clean and safe to use. Caring for your Nose Secret is as easy as caring for jewelry or earrings.

Third, let’s look at instructions. After all, you could make almost any item unsafe if you use it improperly! You wouldn’t put a contact in your eye without washing your hands first! You wouldn’t eat off a trashcan lid, and you certainly wouldn’t decide to use a harness that was the wrong size if you were climbing up a mountainside. If you follow Nose Secret’s careful instructions, from storage, care, and cleaning to sizing, insertion, duration of use, and removal, you should be completely safe.

Fourth, if you have any issues, let us know. We are constantly looking for ways to improve both our product and our instructions, so in the unlikely event you do feel we could have been more clear or more careful, contact us and let us know why you weren’t happy. Your safety and satisfaction is number one!

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