Don’t be fooled by Nose Secret Knockoffs. Here’s Why!


It’s come to our attention that there is at least one more new counterfeit Nose Secret out there! We’ve been getting emails about this issue, and wanted to alert our valued customers to let you know about the problems with fakes and how to tell if yours is the real deal.

Sadly, fake products are not a new issue. Since we first launched our amazingly popular nose enhancer, there have been plenty of companies who have tried (without success!) to mimic our product. In many cases, we have been able to shut down counterfeiters; in others, we continue to negotiate with various governments in an effort to shut down unauthorized and unsafe production.

There will always be people trying to make a look-alike product, however and we want you to know about fakes so you can be aware! This latest fake Nose Secret is available in Indonesia, and apparently is made in China. They claim to be the brand Nose Secret, but let us assure you – it’s not true. The only Real NoseSecret is made in the USA.

Someone thankfully bought the counterfeit Nose Secret and the real Nose Secret to compare the two products. The  quality of the fake was very bad. There’s just no comparison between knock-offs and the real deal!

How can you tell that you have the original Nose Secret?

Only purchase Nose Secret from the official Nose Secret website or one of our authorized resellers:

Products from these stores are the official Nose Secret.

If an online store in your country is selling Nose Secret and you do not know if it is real, then contact us and we can tell you!

Check the product! Our Nose Secret kits are stamped with the size on each splint! 

Nose Secret is manufactured in the US from safe, health grade plastic and is approved for use. All orders are shipped from the New York / New Jersey area, and all replies are from that region as well.

Fotosearch_k9869452 (1)Don’t be fooled! Nose Secret is only real if it is made by us, distributed by us, and guaranteed by us!

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