Which Celebrity Noses are Most in Demand?

angieAnyone born with what they see as a less-than-perfect nose (too long, too crooked, too bulbous, too droopy, too big) knows how low self esteem can follow after and body image can be affected!

The overall balance of your the face starts with your nose – it’s right there, in the middle protruding from your face, and if you aren’t happy with it, there are several solutions…

One is to visit a plastic surgeon’s offices, to request a perfectly proportioned nose. Another is to try an alternative, no-surgery nose job. A temporary change to the shape of your nose can result in a huge boost in self esteem!

What do people who want a change of their nose really focus on? Research seems to point to a desire to look like a famous celebrity – or at least, that’s what many who seek nose jobs seem to say when asked what their ideal nose shape is.

Here are the top celebrity noses in demand by people visiting a plastic surgeon.

  • The Nicole Kidman. This is a slim, straight, perfectly proportioned nose that goes well with Nicole’s delicate features.
  • The Halle Berry.  Halle’s nose is perfect for her strong profile, with a blunt tip that preserves her ethnic look without seeming too stubby.
  • The Natalie Portman is one of the most in-demand celebrity noses and is expected to remain so! It’s a perfect shape and brings out Natalie’s wide eyes and laughing smile.
  • Kate Beckinsale has a lovely slightly angled nose that starts right where it should and ends in a saucy tilt. People with humped noses often view Kate’s as ideal; it’s perfect in every way!
  • Angelina Jolie is the choice women make when they want to feel strong and empowered. Angie’s no-nonsense nose is straight and slim, with a commanding air that doesn’t compromise her femininity.
  • Finally, Charlize Theron has the nose those with slightly bulbous tips envy. Her nose has just the right amount of definition without being “droopy”! Nose Secret can slim and straighten the nose tip, yielding a Charlize look without surgery.

No matter what kind of celebrity nose you crave, options are out there for you! We recommend trying Nose Secret to see what it can do for you!

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