Why is Rhinoplasty such a big Money Maker for Plastic Surgeons?

britney-spears-celeb-nosejobsLooking into nose jobs? Not sure if they are for you? What do you really know about the rhinoplasty industry?

You might be surprised if you knew why so many plastic surgeons do nose jobs as a large part of their practice.

#1: It’s easy money! A practiced rhinoplastic surgeon can do hundreds of nose jobs a year. The rising demand for “celebrity nose jobs” means that most plastic surgeons do these procedures more than any other. (Britney Spears’ nose is beloved!)

#2: Plastic surgeons who do actual surgeries consider themselves above other kinds of cosmetic procedures. Since any doctor can take a 3 week course and start doing Botox, wrinkle fillers or face peels, those who still do actual procedures are eager to make themselves well known, and they can charge accordingly!

#3: Nose jobs are (usually) a one and done deal, or they are supposed to be. Implants, on the other hand, need constant monitoring and only last about a decade.

#4: According to statistics, 1 out of 5 nose jobs is a “re-do”. It didn’t come out the way the recipient hoped, so they have it done again. Plastic surgeons can get plenty of repeat rhinoplasties if they make a name for themselves as talented at “fixing” other doctors’ “mistakes”. Secondary surgeries can also be billed out at a higher cost!

Of course, if a rhinoplasty isn’t in your budget or you are not into the idea of surgery, Nose Secret is an amazing alternative. You can use Nose Secret to alter the visible shape of your nose, and get a terrific boost of self confidence from a slimmer, straighter nose!

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