Five Nose Shapes that can be Visually Improved with Nose Secret

So. You are thinking about Nose Secret as a way to get a easy, non-surgical nose-job.  What can you really expect? Does your nose fall into the five kinds of nose shapes that can usually be visually improved with Nose Secret?

Let’s take a minute to discover the five most common nose “issues” or “looks” Nose Secret is used for most often. If one of these nose types sounds like yours, Nose Secret could definitely be a way for you to feel more confident!

(If you want to see a lot of different Nose Secret users try out Nose Secret and review their experience, check out our Nose Secret testimonials page!)

#1: The Wide Nose

Many people feel their nose is too wide, too broad, too flat. They want a slimmer, more pronounced profile, with a sharper look and nostrils that aren’t as flared. Nose Secret can help adjust the line of the nose and nostrils, giving you a sleeker, narrower look.   The same effect can be achieved for noses that seem bulbous only at the end – the tip of the nose will seem more pointed, and can even appear more feminine (a boon for women who feel they got a “man nose” and just want a slimmer, less noticeable profile.)

# 2: The Crooked Nose

It’s perfectly natural to have a nose that seems a little crooked or off center, and even if you were born with a perfectly straight nose, you could have had anything happen. An elbow to the nose in a scuffle with a cousin as kids. A face-plant off a bike.  A crack to the face in a crazy student tussle that you barely remember. If your nose is a little uneven looking, Nose Secret can help adjust the lines of your nose and give the impression that it is perfectly straight and centered on your face.

# 3: The Droopy Nose

Certain genetic traits can result in a nos that seems to “droop” – the tip hangs down close to the upper lip. This can be something you don’t like, but fear not – Nose Secret can come to your rescue. Many Nose Secret users say that they always wanted a pert, upturned nose, and Nose Secret makes that dream come true. Several young women said they worked their way up from wearing Nose Secret to parties and social events to wearing their Nose Secret even during classes at college – the boost to their self esteem has been amazing!

# 4: A Hooked or “Humpy” Nose

While many in the past looked on a strong hooked or “humped” nose as a sign of strngth and well breeding, today a straight nose is more in favor. Nose Secret can gently lift the tip of the nose, gently and safely straightening out a hump or hook, and giving the impression of a straight, strong profile.  As always, the right size will feel comfortable – you will neither fear it sliding out of your nose, nor will you feel too much tension.

# 5: As a Trial Nose Job or a Remedy for a Bad Nose Job

The final kind of nose that Nose Secret can help with is the one that was “corrected” surgically – but the rhinoplasty didn’t yield the hoped for result.  If you have had a nose job, you can use Nose Secret to visually correct any remaining issues. If you haven’t yet decided on a nose job, Nose Secret can help you see how people would react if you did go ahead with surgery. It’s an aesthetic, non-surgical option that is inexpensive – so why not give it a try?

If any of these nose types sound like your nose, Nose Secret might be the perfect solution. Order a kit and find out which Nose Secret delivers a nose job alternative with all the self esteem benefits of a successful rhinoplasty!

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