Nose Secret Hits Japan!


A recent blog post came up on the website, showing some interest in NoseSecret, comparing it to the widely popular “eyelid glue” used by many fashion mavens. Instead of a nose job, more Japanese may plan on using Nose Secret! See the following loose translation:

Corrective appliance “NoseSecret”, which seems to be the nose version of Eyelid Glue,is gaining popularity in overseas. In the United States, this latest trend is no secret – and Japanese women could benefit from this product. “Nose Secret” can be gently pushed into the nose, solving problems like “I don’t like the way my nose is shaped”, “My nose is irritating because it’s not pointy enough”, and more to meet women’s needs. You have only to look at the product’s strong YouTube presence, with one beauty video after another being posted with happy customers and celebrities!

Nose Secret consists of a black rod shape that is rounded, which can achieve close to the ideal visual by fitting both ends in the nose. User’s don’t have to worry about wearing them as it is made to closely fit the inside of the nose and isn’t visible unless you are staring directly up the barrel of the nostrils! Nose Secret features a wide range of sizes, of which the XS is most suitable for Japanese noses. The Nose Secret is easily put in using your fingers, and can be safely removed using the small hooked stick provided with the kit. The Nose Secret can be used many times as long as it undergoes cleaning after use.

It looks like our nose job alternative may be catching on even wider globally. The blog directs back to us using the link: ■ nose secret official site

It’s great to know people all over the world are discovering Nose Secret via YouTube!



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