Common Questions Answered

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions that NoseSecret customers have about their purchases. Please contact us at if you have a question about your order that is not listed here:

Why does my order status say Verification Required?

If your order status appears as “verification required” it is because we are waiting for your reply  to complete the payment validation process. The most common reasons why you order requires validation are:

1. Shipping and Billing address do not match.
2. Your order is an international credit card purchase, and we need to validate card holder information.
3. Your address appears to be incomplete or incorrect.
4. You need to confirm the address on your PayPal account.

Why can’t I have my order shipped to a different address?

In order to make sure that we are shipping your NoseSecret purchase to the authorized card holder we require that the first shipment is delivered to the address registered with the credit card institution. The same applies to PayPal purchases.

I have received an email saying that my order is under the validation process. What does this mean?

The validation process is when we confirm that a purchase is authorized by the card holder. We will request additional credentials about the credit/debit card payment before we can ship the order. Please reply to our message/email with the following information:

1. The full name of the card holder
2. The registered mailing address of the card holder (as stated on the billing statement)
3. The first 6 digits of the credit/debit card (this tells us what bank issued the card and where it was issued)
4. Need to agree with the terms and conditions of the selected shipping method stated at by saying that you agree

I paid for my order but it hasn’t been shipped?

Once payment has been completed the order status will be Awaiting Fulfillment, which means the order is waiting to be manually reviewed and shipped. If an order is placed before 4pm EST we will manually review and ship the order the same day. If, upon review, further verification is required (most international orders), the status will change to “Verification Required”. “Verification Required” means we have sent a message to your NoseSecret account and to your email address, and we request a response to complete the payment validation process.

I do not want my order to ship to my billing address. What can I do?

We must ship the first order of each customer to the billing address of the card or PayPal account holder.

For US Customers only:

If you do not want the package to arrive at your billing address, we can request “Hold for Pickup” service for you to pick up your package at the designated postal office. Valid identification may be required at pickup.
To learn more about this Hold for Pickup service, click here.

What is my tracking number?

We will send you an email with your tracking number when we ship your package. The subject of the email will read “Package Shipped to You”. Contact us via phone, chat, or email if you need your tracking number resent.

Tracking numbers may be entered at

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