Does your Nose Look Good Enough for a #Selfie?

Beautiful girl taken pictures of her self, instagramDo you like to take #selfies? Do you even know what a selfie is? A selfie is the latest word for a self portrait, usually a photograph taken with a cell phone (could this mean they are also “celphies”?)

People love sharing photos of themselves smiling, frowning, looking mysterious, or even making a “duck face”. However, there are some people who don’t participate in this world wide trend, because they feel too self conscious about the way they look.

Are you scared to #selfie? Do you shy away from all picture taking because you don’t like your appearance? There are hundreds of people just like you in the world – who prefer to be the one taking the picture, not the one posing; who hide behind hair or a held up hand whenever anyone tries to snap a pic.

For many, their nose is the one feature they feel desperate to conceal – it’s not straight enough, small enough, pretty enough; it doesn’t turn up at the end, or maybe the nostrils flare a little.

Everyone is unique and special, but sometimes knowing that is true just doesn’t feel like enough. When you feel self conscious, just telling yourself to “stop” won’t always make your issues disappear. When you need a new look to make you feel sexy, strong and “selfie-worthy”, why not do something about it?

You can put on a little makeup, fix your hair a certain way, and use Nose Secret to give you that last little boost of security you meed to make a good night into a great one. Nose Secret is a safe, easy, comfortable way to make your nose look smaller, straighter, and narrower without surgery.

Check out Nose Secret for yourself, and take advantage of this simple way to boost your self confidence. Then go out and take some #selfies of your very own!

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