Guess what! Men have Nose Jobs, Too.

nose secret is for men too!
Guys – try Nose Secret, not a nose Job!

Many people assume that the biggest market for plastic surgery is for women – and they’d be correct, but not by as huge a margin as you’d think! More and more men are feeling pressured to go under the knife – even successful, popular, rich men you would think could never have self-esteem issues. Among the many men who have had nose jobs or more, you can include the following:

Bruce Jenner

This Olympic gold medalist (and husband of “momager” Kris) admits he had a nose job. (He’s also had several facelifts… and so have Barry Manilow, Gene Simmons, Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds!)

Howard Stern

Radio host, America’s Got Talent judge and star of Full Frontal, Stern is known for his outrageous and very public form of rude comedy – and for his dramatic nose job. He’s also had lipo done under his chin.

Michael Jackson

The pop star was famous for his plastic surgery, which include not one but two nose jobs – and some chin surgery to create a dimple. Rest in peace, King of Pop…

And the maybes:

These are just the stars who’ve admitted to having nose jobs. There are plenty more whose older pictures and latest celebrity shots look markedly different – including Ryan Gosling, Vince Vaughn, Freddie Prinze Jr and RPatz. No-one knows for sure, and they aren’t telling!

However, it’s not necessary to have a nose job to alter the shape of your nose! Nose Secret can change the shape of your nose for a night or over time, and more and more men are taking advantage of it. If you are a guy looking to improve your appearance, Nose Secret give you a discreet way to alter your nose shape without a nose job. Skip the surgery, save the money and try Nose Secret. It works!




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