5 Tips for Choosing Your Nose Secret Size

Hello all! Our most frequently asked question for the past couple of weeks is: which size do I choose? Nose Secret sizes may be a bit foreign to our new customers so we’ve decided to reveal our tips and tricks for finding the perfect fit!

1. Decide whether you have a small, medium, or large nose
Determining this fact takes one good look in the mirror followed by an honest judgement call. Once you’ve made a decision, we recommend the following: BUY A KIT!

XS, S, M for small noses (usually Asian but not limited to)
S, M, L for average noses (usually Caucasian but not limited to)
M, L, XL for large noses (usually African American but not limited to)

Still not sure?

2. Measure your nose
Not many people know this but the exact measurements of each Nose Secret size is listed at nosesecret.com under “Product Info.”

This information is usually followed by the question: how do I measure my nose? Take a ruler or tape measure and start from the base of the nose and end at the tip (You may refer to the following image for more information). Once you have done this, choose the Nose Secret size that best fits your measurements.

SDR-ProjectionTip-250x300We realize that you may not have the same exact measurements as any Nose Secret size. Again, the best thing you can do is purchase a kit! Here are the measurement ranges per kit:

XS, S, M (.89 in /2.26 cm – 1.10 in / 2.79 cm)
S, M, L (1.04 in / 2.64 cm – 1.16 in / 2.95 cm)
M, L, XL  (1.10 in / 2.79 cm – 1.33 in / 3.38 cm)

3. Send us your picture
Not everyone is good at measuring their nose – you can have a 1/2 inch nose and measure yourself as one inch! Its not a lot in terms of numbers but it can really effect the way you look and feel with Nose Secret.

We accept customer images (JPEG only) at the email address customercare@nosesecret.com. Simply write “Unable to determine correct Nose Secret size” in the subject and we’ll be able to recommend the best kit for you! Why a kit? It’s simple – three choices are better than one.

*Extra tip: try not to position yourself at arms length from the camera. This gives us the best view of your nose!

4. Watch our YouTube reviews
We have several loving customers who have shared their Nose Secret story with us via YouTube. To find them, click here or search “nose secret reviews” at YouTube.com.

How does this help? Each reviewer tells you their size! Some of us are visual learners and seeing someone with a similar nose shape helps us discover our own Nose Secret size.

5. Determine whether you have two different nostril sizes
Some customers purchase a pair of Nose Secret splints without realizing they’re nostrils are not symmetrical. To avoid this, especially as a first time buyer, BUY A KIT! Its like we said before, three Nose Secret sizes are better than one.

Use the previously described tips to choose your kit

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