Will Nose Secret work for Me?

As a part of our “You Asked, We’re Answering” and “Know Before You Go” publishing series, we’ve decided to answer the question customers are asking themselves (and sometimes us) when considering Nose Secret as a nose reshaper:

Will it work for me?

Anyone can benefit from an instant nose job – DUH! (Just check out all of our testimonials at nosesecret.com) Of course, Nose Secret has different results for everyone because every nose is different. BUT if you want to enhance the natural look of your nose, perhaps achieve that sharp chiseled look like Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman, we’ve got what you need. Which reminds us…


Rhinoplasty is becoming one of the most requested cosmetic procedures by women AND men under age 35. According to top Manhattan facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert, Sam Rizk, MD, FACS ), Rhinoplasty is really popular right now but its nothing new to the trend scene (Read more about Dr. Sam here). Remember back when people were Royal family crazy? The number of requests to get a perked up beak like Kate Middleton’s were through the roof! (Read more about it here) So whats the cause of all the buzz now?

The #SELFIE craze has actually increased our focus on aesthetic value and made people more conscious of what they look like online.  “The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, revealed one in three plastic surgeons saw an increase in young people wanting facial procedures so they could look better online.” (Read the whole article here). If you’ve read any of our other KBYGs, you know that this is not a good enough reason to get under the knife! Besides, if you want to look a certain way online, just “fake it til you make it” (credits to Beige Ojai for that sound byte).

Stay on trend with the rest of New York City and look your best online with Nose Secret! Check out our before and after section to the right or at nosesecret.com

One thought on “Will Nose Secret work for Me?”

  1. The NoseSecret splints may ease the appearance of the bump depending on how big the bump is. By gently lifting the tip, the bump will be less noticeable and the area will appear more even.

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