You Asked, We’re Answering: Where can I buy Nose Secret? provides a LIVE chat service Monday through Friday from 11 to 5pm EST. During that time, some of our most frequently asked questions are:

Where can I buy Nose Secret?
Can I buy it in stores?
Why isn’t Nose Secret sold in stores?

Here’s our answer: Where – The safest, most secure way to purchase any Nose Secret product is through our website, By choosing, we can guarantee a favorable customer service experience that includes:

  • Timely response to all customer inquiries
  • Live customer representatives during hours of operation
  • Secure, speedy check out
  • Tracking for domestic and specific international shipments
  • Weekly offers for new customers
  • Special discounts for returning customers
  • Uniquely packaged products
  • Return/refund policy
  • Extensive verification to prevent fraud

Our customer-centric infrastructure does not allow us to distribute Nose Secret to stores. There is no way for Nose Secret to guarantee that large corporations and chains will deliver the customer care experience we provide on a daily basis – not yet at least. Until we can figure out how to establish our infrastructure in the market setting, we will remain online.


Follow us on Twitter @Nosesecret for live updates!


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