Know Before You Go: Ethnic Rhinoplasty vs. Traditional Rhinoplasty

A common question we receive at is “does it work for ethnic noses?” And, to be honest, any ethnicity can benefit from a pair of nose secret inserts – the results are instant! Just check out our gallery to the right or our testimonial page at

Another common question we receive is “is it better than Rhinoplasty?” This question gets a little more complicated – essentially, everyone wants to know whether or not Nose Secret delivers permanent results. Some customers, depending on the extent of their use, have seen lasting results but we acknowledge that this does not occur for everyone. So, how do you achieve permanent results?

Well surgery of course! For those of you with ethnic noses considering the permanent solution – Rhinoplasty – we want to make sure you know before you go! Did you know that:

1. Ethnic Rhinoplasty requires a difference in procedure than Traditional Rhinoplasty?
2. Ethnic noses are more prone to scarring because the skin is thicker?
3. Rhinoplasty was popularized on the premise of changing one’s looks to look more like someone else?
4. Rhinoplasty is no longer based on looking like someone else but correcting/enhancing the symmetry of your face?
5. Your surgeon should have experience with ethnic noses and proof of such?

If you want the full details, read the article by Medicalopedia and KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Click here

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