10 Things You Should Know before a “Surgeon” BOTCHES Your Nose

Last week we talked about Rebecca Adlington, her struggle with self image, and her seemingly inevitable choice to get a nose job. Which, in reality, helped her self-esteem and therefore theres nothing wrong with it BUT heres the tough part about being a celebrity: millions of people are watching. I mean lets face it, we’re all influenced by celebrities one way or another. Whether its how we relate to their hair and proceed to use them as hair examples for our stylist or, in this case, how a person can relate the shape of their nose to Rebecca’s pre-op nose.

“Rebecca’s situation is one that 21-year-old trainee optician Kate can identify with after she grew up hating a bump she had on her nose which made her paranoid about her appearance.But while Rebecca’s nose looks lovely, Kate’s bid for perfection went horribly wrong and left her nose even more misshapen than before…

‘I’ve been left with more problems than when I first went in. I wish I hadn’t had it done. It looks horrendous,’ she said.”

To get the full details, read here: http://dailym.ai/1hk61hU
To avoid Kate’s results, you’ve got two options:

1. Join the growing number of satisfied customers at nosesecret.com and avoid the knife at all costs

2. OR (if you absolutely must) educate yourselves!

2 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know before a “Surgeon” BOTCHES Your Nose”

  1. Before any kind of cosmetic surgery it will good if you educate yourself about the surgery as much as you can. Get to know about the pros and cons of the surgery and the risk factors associated with it.
    When I went for the first consultation of my rhinoplasty surgery I had a big list of questions with me. And my surgeon was very happy seeing that. He said this is how he expects his patients to be.

    1. Samantha is correct, you should research topics that will affect your lifestyle; whether it be cosmetic surgery or what foods you should eat, and all the in betweens. Even when we speak to customers on our chat, we advise those who seem weary to purchase our nose enhancers to research our product – find the several testimonials we have received from our customer and YouTube and further. Education is the best way to make a smart purchase! No matter how big or small

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