You asked, We’re answering: Does Nose Secret alter your voice?

One of our customers asked if Nose Secret would alter the sound of her voice. Luckily, we haven’t had anyone complain about any unwanted results from our product – especially not changes in their voice. However, some of the results from Rhinoplasty, a cosmetic surgery, showed some voice altering results. According to a study,

“Perceived changes in voice were noted by the study participants on a questionnaire. When rating problems with their voice resulting from surgery, patients most often felt the quality of the voice was worse after undergoing cosmetic surgery for the nose. However, these changes did not affect their ability to use their voice properly in daily function.” –Health News Digest (click to read more)

Although the changes were not disabling, we prefer not to have any changes at all! Especially not for the customer who asked this question (a talented singer). Remember Nose Secret fans, beauty products are about enhancing your natural beauty, not modification! Learn how we can help you achieve a more desirable image today @

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