10 Quick Facts About NoseSecret

Here are some quick facts about NoseSecret that has made a difference to our large customer base and has positioned our brand as one of the top alternatives to nonsurgical nose jobs:

  1. NoseSecret gives instant results. True. You can see just how easily NoseSecret reshape your nose in seconds, right after the splints are in place. See this video for more.
  2. NoseSecret stretches the nose. False. Instead, NoseSecret reshapes the shape of the nose to a more pleasing contour, giving the appearance of slight prominence.
  3. NoseSecret can only be purchased online. True. NoseSecret is only sold online by Nosesecret.com
  4. NoseSecret does not offer returns. False. If the NoseSecret kit did not meet your expectations, you can return it within the subsequent 15 days after delivery, no questions asked.
  5. NoseSecret testimonials are fake. False. NoseSecret testimonials are 100% genuine from real customers. Each and every review is verifiable and we use a third party independent review site which verifies that the reviews are authentic. Our video testimonials are made by top Youtube beauty gurus who are Nosesecret customers. Nosesecret does not pay for video testimonials.
  6. NoseSecret ships worldwide. True. NoseSecret ships worldwide, with the exception of several countries which have demonstrated  unreliable delivery services.
  7. NoseSecret does not work. False. NoseSecret is a cosmetic product that has worked for countless people. Even the media has broadly featured NoseSecret and its benefits.
  8. NoseSecret offers permanent results. True/False. NoseSecret is a cosmetic product and will therefore afford you with instant results. However, some people may see improvement even when the splints are not in place after wearing the product for an extended time period.
  9. It’s unsafe buying from the online store. False. Buying from the NoseSecret online store is a guaranteed secure process from start to finish. We have been https certified by GeoTrust, PCI DSS certified by Aperia Solutions and Authorize.net (The leading financial processor).  Our store is also tightly integrated into Paypal, the leading solution in secure online payments.
  10. Who is behind NoseSecret? NoseSecret was founded by an engaged person in the cosmetics industry who experienced the benefit of the product firsthand. She not only used the product, but eventually began planning, creating, and manufacturing custom inserts for best results. At Nosesecret you have a team ready to answer any question by phone, email or chat service. We are real people not just a website with no contact information.

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