Top 10 questions about NoseSecret Shipping

While we strive to provide a wide variety of options when it comes to shipping we also are limited due to recommendations and restrictions imposed by the credit cards institutions. The most commons questions and answers about shipping  are:

1. What are your shipping rates?

We ship all orders from the United States . Domestic orders over $30.00 ship FREE.

Domestic orders with tracking information:

  • First Class Domestic:  $2.99
  • Priority Mail: $6.00
  • Express Mail overnight (includes Saturday delivery): $19.95

International Orders:

  • First Class Package International $6.99 – No tracking
  • Priority Mail International $24.00 – No Tracking
  • Express Mail International: $48.00- Tracking info. available

For non tracking shipping service we provide Customs ID # of the package so you can check shipping details at the US postal service website. That will be proof of shipping.

2. Which countries does NoseSecret ship to?

Nosesecret ships  to most countries around the world . We ship internationally through the US official postal service  However,  restrictions apply for some countries  where  shipping service is not reliable.

3. Who delivers the package in my country?

The US postal service  use  local carriers in your country  to deliver your package . We are not provided with that list  so we  are not able to say which company delivers in your country.

4. Why my order shows status “Awaiting for Fulfillment” ?

Status “Awaiting for Fulfillment” means that the order was paid but has not been shipped yet.

5. How long does it take to ship my order.

Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours from Monday through Friday . We do not ship on Saturdays. Sundays or Holidays.

6. I have placed my order few days ago but still shows status  “Awaiting For Fulfillment”?

While we strive to ship your order the same or next day, some orders required extra time for verification. We strongly recommend that you check your email for any information request from Nosesecret. Order will not be shipped if you do not reply to our email.

7. Which orders need verification?

Due to  financial institutions guidelines, we require that our customers acknowledge the terms and conditions of the shipping service they choose, by replying to our email. Order that need further verification are:

–         Orders with address mismatch.  The shipping and billing address are different. Nosesecret will not ship first time buyers to  addresses different than the billing address for safety reasons. Your reply to our email is needed in order ship to the billing address.

–          International orders  using shipping service  with no tracking   such as First class Parcel and Priority mail international .

–          Paypal orders which shipping  address is different than the   address  on Paypal account. If there is a mismatch the order will be put on hold until we can communicate with you to change or add your new address in your Paypal account.

8.  What should I do to receive my international order as soon as possible?

– Make sure your address is written correctly to avoid delay on delivery. The postal service on your country may have an specific way to write your address.

– If you choose a shipping option that do not provide tracking information such as Priority mail international (US$24.00) or First Class International  (US$6.99) make sure you send us an email at  acknowledging that you agree that this service does not provide tracking information. Also check your mail box for our email requesting to confirm your shipping selection.

– Express mail International arrives to most countries within the next 5 to 7 days. This service provides tracking information so it is easier for you track your order.

9. How do I know when you shipped by package if I do not have tracking information?

–          For non-tracking  shipping methods we provide  Customs ID # upon request, later you can visit the US postal service website ( ) and search by the number provided to learn about   details on when the postal service in the US received the Package from Nosesecret. Lost packages in the mail is not responsibility of the sender.

–          You can also use a free third party service at and search by Customs ID # to learn details of package delivery  in your country.

We do not have any ties with Track-trace nor we are endorsing or we are liable for information on this website. We provide it only as a tool that may help you in your search.

10. Is Nosesecret package discrete?

Yes, our packages are discrete. For domestic packages the name of the company  does not appear on the label so no one can tell what is inside. For international orders we are required by law to describe the item which we do as “cosmetic” but no name of the product is displayed on shipping label.

For more information, please contact NoseSecret at

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