NoseSecret Shipping terms and conditions


  • At NoseSecret we protect your privacy so all packages shipped inside the US will show  senders name as “NS” in that way the name of the product does not appear on the outside of the package and no one can tell  what is inside.
    However, for international shipping we are obligated by Customs to write senders name  and to describe the content of the package. Content of the package is described as “cosmetic”li>

  • We do our best to accommodate special requests. However, in order to protect consumers and to follow the guidelines of the credit card processors  we require that first time buyers receive their first order at their billing address. We do not ship first time buyers orders to an address different than the billing address. Please, understand that we take this action in case a dispute arise for an unauthorized purchase.
  • When you are placing your order you must check the terms and conditions of the order, please make sure you read the terms and conditions on our shipping and return policy. Specially for international buyers, it is important to understand what type of shipping option is selected
  • International orders are shipped via US Postal Service and delivers in each country by the local postal service in that country. When you choose a shipping service that do not provide tracking information, we provide you with a customs ID number of your package. You will later visit and enter customs ID number to check when did the US Postal Service received the package from NoseSecret and the day that the package left the international center of the US Postal Service. Be aware that non tracking packages are beyond our reach and we can not locate packages once they are outside the US.
  • Express Mail International, provide tracking information so we can locate your package in case it is delay.
  • To avoid delay on shipping or cancellation of your order, keep in mind these basic rules and make sure the address you enter in correct. Check confirmation email  sent from us with details of your order once order is completed to verify address




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