Nose Enhancers: the secret of YouTube’s number one beauty guru

Who would guess that nose enhancers would be so popular among top beauty gurus? Wait, why not? Aren’t beauty gurus the ones who know all the secrets?

In her video “Zombie Barbie,” top YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan shares how a pair of flexible splints can refine the tip of one’s nose in just seconds. Yes, we know that some of us do not want to admit to having a nose job, much less to using a pair of nose enhancers to make the nose slimmer, but the facts speak for themselves – nose enhancers are stealing the limelight among celebrities as a quick fix for a not-so-perfect nose.

In her most recent YouTube video, “How to look like Taylor Swift Red,” Michelle Phan teaches us more creative ways to look fantastic for the Holidays. Her nose looks slimmer than ever in the video, and this cannot be accomplished by simply contouring the nose with makeup. It seems like she is using the nose enhancers again and she looks beautiful. Be the judge and check Michelle Phan’s nose in this video; slimmer than ever! Is she using the NoseSecret enhancers again?

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