Do Nosesecret Nose Reshapers Work?

To be honest, I’ve spent my life mostly staring at myself in the mirror. Sometimes it would be seconds, minutes or even hours, thinking of a way to make my big fat nose look just a bit smaller. Not too small, but perfectly carved but just a little.

Although this seemed like a farfetched dream, because I barely make enough money to support my expenses, let alone the fact of affording costly cosmetic surgeries. Plus, I’ve never liked hospitals. The smell of anti-septic and all those tools laying beside the surgery table makes me want to just run away and never come back. So, as you could tell by now, getting a nose job was far from being on top of my ‘to do’ list.

Even though my blobby nose made wish I had a permanent solution, getting under a knife was never an option.

I had remembered something about a nose reshaper technique where you had to constantly press down and massage your nose to get a slimmer look. And so, I started shaping my nose all the time, even in public and with friends and family. Everybody used to give me a “What are you doing look?” but I wasn’t able to stop. It was like I was addicted to touching my nose and couldn’t keep my hands off it. The result, I was shouted on by my boss for grabbing onto my nose in the middle of an important presentation.

That’s when I knew that I had to stop and for good. So what else could have I done? Well the answer was fairly simple. Like all good citizens, I started searching the internet. And as suggested by a good friend of mine, I was on a constant look out for a noseshaper.

The thing with the internet is that when you log on, a zillion advertisements start to appear at times, may seem a bit too intriguing. But being a careful spender, I had to watch where my investments were actually going. For hard workers like us, flushing money down the drain isn’t something that we’d able to get over so easily. Therefore, I had to be extremely cautious in choosing the right product.

And the right product meant that it had to be something that didn’t cause me any permanent damage or a trip to the surgical ward. I was already tired of bringing my huge nose out in public and the last thing I wanted was a nose that’s even bigger than before. Hence, I came across this marvelous product called the Nosesecret Nose Reshaper.

Like most of us, the first question that popped into my mind was, “Does Nosesecret work?” and more importantly, “Will it work on my nose?” And boy was I pleased with the answer. With a few insertion and removal tips which can also be found on its website, my life has become much simpler. Nosesecret really works for me.

It’s made me more confident and boosted my self-esteem. The flexible material is easy to wear and doesn’t feel to be there after some time. And the best part is, I can include myself in group photos with friends and attend important meetings with active participation without looking down or touching my nose.

One thought on “Do Nosesecret Nose Reshapers Work?”

  1. This is great if it’s just the tip of your nose that you’re worried about – too bad it wouldn’t fix the problem I had – but I took the route of surgery which I documented here on my blog. If I have people who are looking for this fix, I’ll send them this way to check it out!

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