Looking for a Perfect Nose?

It’s not uncommon for people to want the perfect looks. Though some might be happy with whatever they’ve got, others always wish they had more. And who’s to blame them? These people are ones that come across bullying in school and have been taunted in adult life just because they have a slightly different nose.

Among the people who desire a perfect nose, there are also individuals who suffered through some accident as a child which left their nose permanently disfigured. Though, not everyone goes through this extremity. Some just come up with a crooked or pressed nose with bumps or droopiness.

For these individuals, cosmetic surgical procedures are always the first option. And so it was for me. But to be brutally honest, I’d rather live with a droopy nose than go through a knife held by some surgeon.

The worst case scenario is that a newbie surgeon could operate on my nose and make look worse, but who’s got the time to schedule operations again and again? I mean seriously, who has all that free time? Between the office, kids, and home, there’s no way I can spend six weeks healing my nose job while my kids go all ballistic on the house.

There’s also the fact about nose jobs being rather expensive and complicated when compared to other cosmetic procedures. That’s because of the amount of precision and practice needed to reshape a nose in its correct form i.e. a shape that’s agreeable to you. You may have beautiful eyes and full lips but a droopy nose can really ruin it for you at times.

When you’re nose is shaped like mine, you’d naturally want to stay away from family portraits or wedding albums.  Truth to be told, those pictures are going to last way longer than you ever could. It gave me the creeps when I imagine my grandkids looking at such hideous pictures of me. Especially my granddaughters who would imagine their grandmother to be a beautiful individual rather than some odd-looking hag!

I kept thinking to myself that there has to be another way. Something, that won’t send me to the bed for more than a month and something that’s easier to afford than an expensive nose surgery performed by a renowned surgeon. I questioned my friends, asked around the neighborhood buddies, and even consulted a cosmetic surgeon. And alas, I found my answer.

It was Nosesecret, a nose reshaper that acted as the perfect cosmetic filler for my droopy nose. Manufactured out of a stretchy material, this cosmetic product made me feel beautiful and confident enough to step into all kinds of memorable portraits. I began to see myself framed in more pictures in my friends’ and family’s homes. It was the best feeling ever!

Before Nosesecret, I was constantly worried about being seen in public and especially with my husband in front of his colleagues. I didn’t want some random group of people pitying my husband over how much better he could have done. Now, I’m not even a least bit hesitant to join my husband at a dinner or office convention.

I can safely say that having a perfect nose is easily achievable when you’ve got Nosesecret nose reshaper sitting in your drawer or handbag.

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