Nose Job that Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

nose job
When it comes to nose jobs, there are several alternatives that await you. To make the right choice, you must make sure that you know the pros and cons of the various options. People usually make the choice depending upon their financial affordability. Here is a brief analysis of the different options you have when it comes to nose jobs.

Rhynoplasty in the U.S

Pros: The effect of rhynoplasty is intended to be permanent.
Cons: A typical rhynopasty surgery costs around $10,000. Given the current financial crunch everyone’s facing, this can be afforded only by celebrities and other high income citizens. Rhynoplasty once done, cannot be undone, hence the risk of irreversible error is high. The complete recovery time for a surgery is at least a year – common side effects of rhynoplasty include bruises, sinusitis and swelling. Also, the operated nose will be subject to the effects of aging as you grow older.

Rhynoplasty outside the U.S

Pros: Rhynoplasty done outside the U.S will cost you significantly lesser. Even with the added travelling costs, you’ll save up to 50% of what rhynoplasty in the U.S costs.
Cons: Along with the usual drawbacks of rhynoplasty, a foreign surgery has added disadvantages. Post surgery visits to the surgeon are as important as the surgery itself. These visits ensure that the operated nose is maturing in the correct way. A tourist nose job may make follow up visits complicated with the US doctors instead of the original surgeon.

Non-Surgical Rhynoplasty

Pros: Non surgical rhynoplasty costs less than regular rhynoplasty – $500 to $2000. Also, its temporary nature allows you to easily get rid of it if you don’t like it.
Cons: Although it costs almost 10% of what you pay for a permanent nose job, the effect wears off in around 6 months. The materials injected to ‘fill up’ your nose may not be FDA approved and can be harmful in the long run. Side effects include soreness and inflammation.

DIY Nose Job

Pros: It is as quick as a nose job can possibly be. Insert NoseSecret splints into your nose and you’re done. Since it is a non surgical method, it is non invasive. Hence, you can always opt out. Also, there is no recovery process hence, you don’t have to miss out on work, or any other social gatherings. Most importantly, it is friendly to your pocket. There is no other nose job that costs you as low as $30.
Cons: Its temporary nature means you’ll have to keep using it every day. Also, the results are not as drastic as those of surgical rhynoplasty.

Celebs Sport NoseSecret

If there is one part of the body that arouses dissatisfaction or even frustration among almost all celebs and commoners alike, it is the nose. No wonder countless celebrities sooner or later go get their noses altered. However, there are some who do not require drastic methods but simply a slight change. Such celebs go for nose splints and when the media spots the change, they try to brush it away under the carpet by presenting reasons that no one agrees to buy.

One of such celebs is Ali Lohan, LiLo’s sister and a model. Ali’s nose was spotted to be slightly different. Upon being asked whether Ali Lohan has had a nose job done she sharply replies,

‘ I’m 17 years old. That’s not legal! I would need my mother’s signature, and do you think my mom would sign off on that? No! It’s not the right thing to do. . . . It’s stupid. I don’t listen to it. It’s absolutely not true.’

Oh Ali, we totally believe you. Like you said earlier, you have learnt a lot from your sister and have said no to things that aren’t worth doing. So you definitely wouldn’t go for an illegal plastic surgery either. But we also know what you hiding under that altered nose – NoseSecret it definitely is. The slightly narrowed bridge and raised tip is the sign of either a nose job or NoseSecret splints. Since you’ve denied the former, it has to be the latter solution.

On the other hand, Leona Lewis was also pointed out as yet another celeb who altered their nose. Her drastic make over included a totally transformed dressing sense, a makeover and very different nose. Upon being pointed for the change in her nose, she said,

‘Someone saw me last night and my nose was so contoured. And they were like, ‘You’ve had your nose done?’ And I was like, ‘No, wait until I wash my face.’

C’mon Leona! We know the limits of makeup, don’t we? If contouring was as effective as you are saying it is, there would’ve been many other stars who would’ve gone for the technique to make their noses look better at red carpet events. We believe it’s time you share the secret of your transformed nose with your fans because we think caring is sharing. Don’t you think so? You better do!

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