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Does your Nose Look Good Enough for a #Selfie?

Beautiful girl taken pictures of her self, instagramDo you like to take #selfies? Do you even know what a selfie is? A selfie is the latest word for a self portrait, usually a photograph taken with a cell phone (could this mean they are also “celphies”?)

People love sharing photos of themselves smiling, frowning, looking mysterious, or even making a “duck face”. However, there are some people who don’t participate in this world wide trend, because they feel too self conscious about the way they look.

Are you scared to #selfie? Do you shy away from all picture taking because you don’t like your appearance? There are hundreds of people just like you in the world – who prefer to be the one taking the picture, not the one posing; who hide behind hair or a held up hand whenever anyone tries to snap a pic.

For many, their nose is the one feature they feel desperate to conceal – it’s not straight enough, small enough, pretty enough; it doesn’t turn up at the end, or maybe the nostrils flare a little.

Everyone is unique and special, but sometimes knowing that is true just doesn’t feel like enough. When you feel self conscious, just telling yourself to “stop” won’t always make your issues disappear. When you need a new look to make you feel sexy, strong and “selfie-worthy”, why not do something about it?

You can put on a little makeup, fix your hair a certain way, and use Nose Secret to give you that last little boost of security you meed to make a good night into a great one. Nose Secret is a safe, easy, comfortable way to make your nose look smaller, straighter, and narrower without surgery.

Check out Nose Secret for yourself, and take advantage of this simple way to boost your self confidence. Then go out and take some #selfies of your very own!

5 Reasons NOT to get Plastic Surgery (Get Nose Secret Instead!)

imagesBefore you have a nose job, there are a few things you should know about the rhinoplasty procedure. Here’s a list of things to consider for anyone considering a rhinoplasty!

1. A “perfect nose” is a myth. If you are obsessed with your nose to the point that you crave perfection, chances are even after a rhinoplasty you will still be able to find tiny, tiny flaws after a nose job. Your goal should be “improvement”, not perfection – and you should keep in mind that the only person inspecting your nose with a magnifying glass from half an inch away is you.

2. Expect to look like a mummy for several days post-op. You are going to have a splint over the bridge of your nose, packing stuffed in each nostril, and an abosrbent pad to catch drainage taped under your nose. NOT sexy. Even after the bandages come off, the swelling can last for days after, giving your entire face a swollen look – in extreme cases, you’ll even have what appear to be black eyes.

3. No glasses or sunglasses for a month. There can be no pressure across the nose or on the face, so you’ll be forced to wear contacts or go without visual correction for 30 days so your nasal bridge can heal correctly.

4. It’s going to either hurt or you are going to have to stay zonked on meds. Even on the best of pain medications – which doctors are becoming stingier with by the year –  you’ll be tired, disoriented, and possibly queasy. If you cut down on the pain meds, expect pain and itching.

5.  Your breathing and voice may be altered. For some patients, breathing can be significantly worse after a rhinoplasty. For others, their voice acquires a nasal twang that can last for months after the procedure.

If any of these five reasons not to get a nose job are convincing,. you may be feeling a little down. How can you fix your nose without undergoing surgery?

Nose Secret was developed for people just like you who are unsure about taking drastic steps but still want to change your nose shape. Plastic surgery can sculpt your nose and make it look better, true – but all surgeons have to work within the framework of your face. That means that you may get a nose like Taylor Swifts, but you still won’t look like Taylor Swift!

Nose Secret takes your own features and changes the way they look – making you feel better about yourself in a natural, safe, non-surgical way. Check out what Nose Secret users have to say about their own experiences!

Interview Tips: Why Looking Good is Important

Blackheads-Treatment-Remove-Blackheads-Blackheads-Blackheads-On-Nose-Blackheads-Naturally-Blackheads-Home-Remedies-Blackheads-Fast-Rid-Blackheads-Permanently-BlackheYou’ve finally landed that job interview. Are you ready? If you are like most, lists of interview tips aren’t new to you, and hours spent rehearsing your top answers to the “most frequently asked questions” means you have your interview technique down pat.

Appearance is important too – and not just from a professional standpoint. You want to show your prospective employer that you know how to dress appropriately, but that’s not all there is to looking good. The most important ingredient to a successful job interview is self confidence – and you only gain that when you know you look fantastic!

That doesn’t mean you need plastic surgery or a nose job in order to successfully complete a job interview – but a little confidence boost doesn’t hurt. Nose Secret gives you the self confidence you need, especially if you are self conscious about the shape of your nose.

As an alternative to an expensive and painful nose job, Nose Secret allows you to gently and painlessly change the shape of your nose, straightening it and getting the look you’ve always wanted.

With your mind off of your nose and on the interview, you will naturally relax and your confidence will shine through. Instead of being distracted thinking about your appearance, you can focus on the questions being asked and make a terrific impression.

People who are relaxed, self confident and assured in job interviews have a higher chance of landing a great job. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get all the edge you can get before that important meeting with your prospective new boss?

Make Nose Secret part of your secret arsenal of pre-job-interview preparation. You’ll feel better, look better, and perform better – and maybe you’ll just land the job of your dreams!