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Lift Your Nose Instantly!

Did you know: Nose Secret is the ORIGINAL Nose Lifter!

That’s right everyone, not only do our splints slim and narrow the look of your nose, they can lift the tip of your nose too!

Our splints are made from a hypoallergenic, flexible plastic that is comfortable to wear. In one of our most recent customer reviews (check it out below), YouTuber Fiercely Fit became so comfortable with it after just ONE DAY – not to mention it gave her INSTANT results! In her words, Nose secret is “pretty cool,” especially if you really want a nose job but can’t afford it right now.

You may have noticed some imitators out there but Nose Secret is the original nose lifter. We’ve been featured on NBC’s Today,,, and one simple search on YouTube will show you just how much our customers love Nose Secret!

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Thanks again to FiercelyFit!

Where is Nose Secret??

To all of our loyal followers,

We are incredibly sorry for our silence this week BUT we can assure that next week will be our best yet! We’ve been working hard on ways to help you save so keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming promotions! With such important days like graduation, prom, and wedding season approaching quickly, you’ll definitely want to look your best with one of beauty’s best secrets - the nose job in a bag!

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Happy Friday Everyone


Will Nose Secret work for Me?

As a part of our “You Asked, We’re Answering” and “Know Before You Go” publishing series, we’ve decided to answer the question customers are asking themselves (and sometimes us) when considering Nose Secret as a nose reshaper:

Will it work for me?

Anyone can benefit from an instant nose job - DUH! (Just check out all of our testimonials at Of course, Nose Secret has different results for everyone because every nose is different. BUT if you want to enhance the natural look of your nose, perhaps achieve that sharp chiseled look like Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman, we’ve got what you need. Which reminds us… DID YOU KNOW:

Rhinoplasty is becoming one of the most requested cosmetic procedures by women AND men under age 35. According to top Manhattan facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert, Sam Rizk, MD, FACS ), Rhinoplasty is really popular right now but its nothing new to the trend scene (Read more about Dr. Sam here). Remember back when people were Royal family crazy? The number of requests to get a perked up beak like Kate Middleton’s were through the roof! (Read more about it here) So whats the cause of all the buzz now?

The #SELFIE craze has actually increased our focus on aesthetic value and made people more conscious of what they look like online.  “The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, revealed one in three plastic surgeons saw an increase in young people wanting facial procedures so they could look better online.” (Read the whole article here). If you’ve read any of our other KBYGs, you know that this is not a good enough reason to get under the knife! Besides, if you want to look a certain way online, just “fake it til you make it” (credits to Beige Ojai for that sound byte).

Stay on trend with the rest of New York City and look your best online with Nose Secret! Check out our before and after section to the right or at


You Asked, We’re Answering: Where can I buy Nose Secret? provides a LIVE chat service Monday through Friday from 11 to 5pm EST. During that time, some of our most frequently asked questions are:

Where can I buy Nose Secret?
Can I buy it in stores?
Why isn’t Nose Secret sold in stores?

Here’s our answer: Where – The safest, most secure way to purchase any Nose Secret product is through our website, By choosing, we can guarantee a favorable customer service experience that includes:

  • Timely response to all customer inquiries
  • Live customer representatives during hours of operation
  • Secure, speedy check out
  • Tracking for domestic and specific international shipments
  • Weekly offers for new customers
  • Special discounts for returning customers
  • Uniquely packaged products
  • Return/refund policy
  • Extensive verification to prevent fraud

Our customer-centric infrastructure does not allow us to distribute Nose Secret to stores. There is no way for Nose Secret to guarantee that large corporations and chains will deliver the customer care experience we provide on a daily basis - not yet at least. Until we can figure out how to establish our infrastructure in the market setting, we will remain online.


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Know Before You Go: Ethnic Rhinoplasty vs. Traditional Rhinoplasty

A common question we receive at is “does it work for ethnic noses?” And, to be honest, any ethnicity can benefit from a pair of nose secret inserts - the results are instant! Just check out our gallery to the right or our testimonial page at

Another common question we receive is “is it better than Rhinoplasty?” This question gets a little more complicated - essentially, everyone wants to know whether or not Nose Secret delivers permanent results. Some customers, depending on the extent of their use, have seen lasting results but we acknowledge that this does not occur for everyone. So, how do you achieve permanent results?

Well surgery of course! For those of you with ethnic noses considering the permanent solution – Rhinoplasty – we want to make sure you know before you go! Did you know that:

1. Ethnic Rhinoplasty requires a difference in procedure than Traditional Rhinoplasty?
2. Ethnic noses are more prone to scarring because the skin is thicker?
3. Rhinoplasty was popularized on the premise of changing one’s looks to look more like someone else?
4. Rhinoplasty is no longer based on looking like someone else but correcting/enhancing the symmetry of your face?
5. Your surgeon should have experience with ethnic noses and proof of such?

If you want the full details, read the article by Medicalopedia and KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Click here

P.S. Our Spring Sale Ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST! Get 15% off your nose secret kit before coupon code SB14 expires! Click here



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