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Here at NoseSecret we LOVE our customers. We love helping you to be the happiest and most confident version of yourself that you can be! That is why we make a product that makes you look better by straightening and lifting the nose!

We also LOVE to hear from you, so much so that we will give you FREE stuff for reviewing us!

If you submit a written review to our website we will send you a free pair! Just complete the form on that page!

If you send us your unedited Before and After pictures we will send you $100.00 worth of NoseSecret products. We will hide your identity if you like!

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For full details please see our website!

We want to hear from you! If you loved our product please tell us! If you didn’t love our product, please tell us, we want to help!

We think that the NoseSecret Nose reshaper is the best non-surgical Nose-job product available and we hope that you agree!


5 mistakes to avoid when using Nosesecret

Here at Nosesecret the most important thing for us is that our customers are happy.  Whenever we get a call from a customer who doesn’t love our product, we do everything we can to help.  Fortunately we are nearly always able to help and everyone is happy! Here is our troubleshooting guide of what NOT to do when using Nosesecret! For a perfectly fitted and comfortable non-surgical nose-job, please avoid doing these things!

  1. Skip reading the instructions

Every time we send you our Nosesecret nose reshapers, we also send you a set of carefully prepared instructions. There are also instructions and guides on our website, as well as a video guide. We really want you to know the safest, easiest and most comfortable way to use your nose reshaper.

The most common mistake is inserting the nose reshaper upside down, which means that it does not hold properly and keeps sliding out!

The tip off the nose reshaper should be placed in the inside tip of the nose and adjusted with the finger till you have fine tuned the position for optimal comfort and a straight looking nose.

Tilt your head forward while inserting  nosesecret, not upward and backward.  By looking straight forward or downward, you will be able to fit your nose reshaper more easily.

2. Leave the nosesecret splints inside for several hours on your first week .

You must allow your nose to  adjust and gradually get used to nosesecret. Start off just wearing it for 30 minutes at a time, then gradually increase the time.

  1. Use the wrong size.

Choosing the right size is important. You can not force a larger size in to lift the bridge of the nose more.    It is important to be careful if you want to size up. If you are size medium most likely you will always be size medium. Nosesecret does not stretch the nose. A larger size may have more effect, but it will also make you very uncomfortable .

  1. Swim with Nosesecret.

Nosesecret should not be used while swimming, engaging in strenuous exercise or sleeping.

  1. Keeping on using Nosesecret if your nose is sore.

If your nose feels sore , stop using the product immediately and contact us.  We will help you figure out if you have the right size inserted correctly and have been using nosesecret in the right way.

Remember we want YOU to be happy and will help you to enjoy your nosesecret in any way we can!



When a Nose Job Makes Things Worse – Four Celebs who Shouldn’t Have!

They are celebs we know and love – we just wish they loved themselves a little more! These four celebs went under the knife for a rhinoplasty, and we can’t really say we see an improvement – we like their old nose better!

NS1Ashlee Simpson immediately comes to mind. Jessica’s little sister is a successful singer in her own right, and pretty as picture – why did she have to mess with darn near perfection?

Another up and coming young singer NS2and former child star Ashley Tisdale also had some modification done – and again, we’re confused. Her nose looked just fine before!

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy – you already got to the rNS3ed carpet, albeit as a B-list – or is that Z-list? – celeb. Your old nose fit your personality better – why did you opt for the operating table?

Finally, it’s been a lot of years since Dirty Dancing, but we thought Jennifer looked just fine pre-surgery. What do you think? Pre- or post – op Jen?

NS4Remember, if you aren’t certain about getting a nose job, you can always test drive a new look using Nose Secret instead.

Nose Secret is a non-surgical nose job alternative.


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