Nose Secret takes Korean Beauty Market by Storm

Whats Korea’s Number One Beauty Secret?


According to our records, Korea has chosen Nose Secret as their number one retailer for nose enhancers! We offer nose correcting splints that give the results of rhinoplasty without the scars or recovery time – ALL AT TTHE LOW PRICE OF $34.95. You may be wondering, “why Nose Secret and not some other imitation brand? ” Well, we’ve got your answer:

Quality of Merchandise and Customer Service

We cater to all of our customer’s needs – whether they are local or international! Plus, we make sure our shipments get delivered professionally and efficiently (aka, as soon as possible).

However, Korea isnt the only country discovering beauty’s best kept secret! Check out some of the videos below to watch how our international customers are reacting and LOVING Nose Secret.

AND, we’ve entered international media:

Want to learn the secrets of the Korean beauty market? Visit us at to learn more and chat with us live from 11 to 5 pm EST :]

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Nose Secret is having a Summer Clearance on Kits!

Summer Clearance Sale on All Kits! 

Enter coupon code SC14 into your cart to receive
15% OFF on all Nosesecret kits NOW thru 7/15 at 11:59 pm PST !

Keep it HOT with a slimmer, narrower nose this summer!!!

This is a limited time offer! Hurry before the sale ends on 7/15!
This offer is only valid for first time buyers and kit purchases!


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Summer Sun can DAMAGE your Nose Job

What should you avoid after your nose job?

The Sun

According to many cosmetic surgeons, the worst thing you can do is venture out into the sun after your nose job. For those who are in recovery from a recent rhinoplasty or septoplasty, you should avoid sun exposure for at least three months but, to be safe, go for six months. If you become exposed to sunlight or have a sunny event coming up, be sure to wear strong sunscreen and (again for extra safety) a hat.

Why should you avoid the sun?

Our research shows that the skin on the nose is weakened during traditional cosmetic procedures. Think of it as recently sun burnt skin – you wouldn’t expose it to more sunlight would you? The correct answer is no, you’d only damage the skin further. Protecting your skin from sunlight will result in youthful looking skin (which is what we all want)

Damaging sun exposure after a nose job can lead to hyper-pigmentation. To put it simply, you will start to see “spots” where the skin has become permanently darkened, much like freckles.

Summer can be an optimal time to book a nose job – it is vacation season after all! However, we here at nose secret urge you to consider other wise. Put your nose job off for the gloomier months and try Nose Secret today! You may find that it works better for you than an actual nose job. (won’t know til you try ;] )

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DYK: Too much time in the sun can speed up the signs of aging. 


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