Get Your Memorial Day Weekend Look with Nose Secret!

Beautiful girl taken pictures of her self, instagramAre you hoping to look even more than usually fantastic this Memorial Day weekend? Maybe you plan on going to a sporting event, or a picnic party, or an all night movie marathon. No matter what your plans, Nose Secret is here to make your weekend even better.

Want an understated look, but feel that your droopy nose is causing complications? Nose Secret can help straighten and perk up the tip of your nose, enhancing your smile and allowing you to pass on the extra contouring makeup. If you live in warmer climes, this can be a boon as lots of makeup in hot, humid weather is never fun.

Feel your nose is too buttony or flat, and want a slimmer, straighter profile? Nose Secret is your friend – just slide the enhancers in before leaving for your weekend fun, and enjoy a more self-confident you.

You can even slip your Nose Secret pouch into your bag and save it for a special part of the weekend – maybe you have a hot date, or plan on getting up and doing some karaoke. If you haven’t worked up to wearing Nose Secret all day yet, you can carry a set and insert them as needed for times when you want to look your best.

Don’t forget family reunions! If there are pictures to be taken with friends and family you only see once a year on memorial Day weekend,  Nose Secret could mean that this is the year you don’t try to hide behind a taller relative. Stand proud and know your nose is looking great!

What are your Memorial Day plans? Share what you plan to use Nose Secret for this year!

Let Nose Secret Treat the Rest of You to a Makeover!

nosesecretshoppingWouldn’t a quick little makeover for the summer be a lovely thing? Nose Secret can make your dreams come true – without emptying your bank account.

Studies show that subtle changes to one’s appearance can really make all the difference, and a small change is often better than a huge one that draws attention.

Instead of booking a rhinoplasty this summer, why not let Nose Secret gently and subtly change your looks, and invest that extra cash you just saved in a few extras?

  1. Start with adjusting the shape of your nose! Nose Secret makes your nose slimmer, sharper, with a nice point that lifts droopy noses and narrows button ones. It’s a subtle yet impactful change that will immediately impress you and your friends!
  2. A mani-pedi is next up – even if you are a guy, there’s nothing like freshly scrubbed and trimmed nails and smooth skin on your hands and feet. Be daring and get a nifty polish color to finish the job right!
  3. Buy some clothing in a new color or pattern. This could be a shirt, blouse, jacket or scarf – just something that changes the style you usually wear. Oh, again, just a subtle change is fine!
  4. Try some edgy makeup as well. A little eyeliner can make your eyes pop and add to the new look that Nose Secret gives you – or try a different shade of lipstick or maybe some mascara for added pop. (Again, guys, don’t be scared of a little lip gloss or guyliner. It’s “in”!)
  5. Finally, address your posture. You look fantastic, so strut your stuff! Keep your head up and your shoulders back, and walk like you own the town.

Nose Secret is just the first step in your summer makeover. Enjoy your year and find out just how great it feels to be self confident in your looks and your body!


Nose Secret is for Moms, Too!

Asian mother holding rose flower with her daughterYou love your mom, right? She supports you through your hopes and dreams, helps you at every step, taught you all the important stuff in life. She’s the reason you are around, riding this rock in the solar system, and there’s nothing like knowing she is always there for you!

However, maybe she had a few hopes and dreams of her own that never quite came true. Maybe she didn’t give herself everything she ever wanted, because she wanted to make sure YOU were well taken care of. If this sounds like your mom, you probably want to do something great for her!

Rhinoplasty used to be something well out of reach of the last generation. Maybe your mom doesn’t care for the look of her nose, spends money and time on contouring makeup to make it look slimmer or sharper. Maybe she always wanted a nose-job, but it just wasn’t in the cards!

If this sounds like your mom, and you know she wants to change her nose’s appearance, what could be a better Mothers’ Day gift than Nose Secret? She could finally have the experience of looking in the mirror and loving her nose, without the expense and procedure of surgery.

Think about it, then make sure to order soon – we have a special running that will make giving your mom the gift of a terrific profile that much easier. Tell her “Happy Mother’s Day” by showing you pay attention and care about the things that are important to her – and enjoy the happy look on her face when she discovers how well Nose Secret really works!



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